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Texting While Driving

Shane, H. D. Texting, and Driving: The Deadliest Distraction. , 2015. Library Journal, 140(6), 56.

This source aims to identify the effects of texting and driving among teenagers. The book addresses the impact of Texting While Drivingcell phone use on driving and texting as a form of communication. In addition, it discusses the reasons for texting among teenagers while driving. The book presents facts, stats, and dangers of texting while driving. The author used interviews, surveys to gather information from teenage drivers. The source is a wakeup call for teenagers to remind them that texting kills. Several teenagers have admitted texting while driving. It is the primary cause of accidents among teenage drivers. The book was authored by Shane Harold in April 2015. The author addresses the issue of texting while driving to help curb accidents among teenage drivers. According to this source, texting while driving kills 3000 teens each year. In addition, 330,000 are injured.

This source is useful since it provides information for the increased causes of accidents among teenage drivers. The information in the source has been obtained from a large pool of respondents. The facts and figures gathered are reliable. It provides an assessment of what teenagers can do to overcome road accidents and reduce injuries. The source also offers an evaluation why teenagers mistakenly believe it is safe to text and drive. There is a slight bias towards the teenagers throughout the book. Not all teens are drive and text. The source emphasizes the negative experiences of those who text and drive without mentioning positive experiences.

This source is valuable for my project. The basis of my project surrounds the effect of texting and driving. The information contained in most of the chapters of the book is a vital source of information on the impact of texting and driving among teenagers. I would recommend this book to teenage drivers because most of them do not understand the real dangers of texting and driving. Most teenage drivers think texting is the most preferred way of communication. This source will be helpful since it allows them to understand the dangers of texting and driving.

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