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Tea Business Idea

Personalized Tea

I am going to start the business as an entrepreneurship by offering the personalized tea to the consumers, as many of the consumers are not satisfied with the tea they are using, this business would make them able to use the organic tea of their own choice. The consumers will have the ability to design own tea that is going to blend from scratch, I will start it as an online business for the tea drinkers so that they could choose best for them.

The business will provide the customers with more than 30 flavors and that will be mixed and matched with the other artisan tea blend. First, there will be a base flavor of the customer choice, example, oolong, green or black etc. then the customers could mix the tea with any two of the other flavors example, rum, walnuts, wintergreen, and almond, rose petals etc. so that customers every time could enjoy the taste of their own choice. Different combinations of the tea could be made according to the customer’s choice.

Tea Business Idea

There will be the chocolate rich blend that will have a perfect combination of chocolate and tea lover. Caffeine free tea will be there for the customers, example detox tea and other herbals tea will not contain caffeine. Minimum 6 packs will be provided to the customers according to choices, the testing will be free, however, there will be relaxing herbal tea, vanilla tea bags, detox tea bags, slimming, healing, wedding favors tea bags, floral series, and traditional series etc. Private herbal tea or specialized tea will be available to customers with the fruits, mint, and petals combination will also provide on demand.

The mission of the specialty tea will be to promotes the health and satisfaction of the customers because all natural products will be used, an herbal blend can promote or support your thinking to live a healthy and advance lifestyle. All personalized tea flavors will be available in the tins and bags, there healthy, cozy, refreshing, calming, cleansing and cheerful tea. With these attractive products, customers could be attracted, as the taste of the tea will be according to their choices and they will be relaxed after taking tea. The price of 6 personalized tea bags will be $7 to $8. The price of 12 personalized tea bags will be $11 to $12.

There can be more than 8,000 different combinations and the products could be made up of the recycled paper products, the tea will be organic and gluten-free so that customers could enjoy the quality, there will be some readymade flavor that customers may like or they can personalize the flavors of their own choice. The tea will be 100 percent natural. The starts up a price of the business will be about $10,000, the preparation of the tea bags will be with clean paper and natural products. Private or custom tin labeling will also be done for the customers. We will supply it in tins made up of steel so that the tea bags stay protected and expire after 6 months.

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