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Sales and Marketing Analyst Job Benefits

Compensation And Benefits

Sales And Marketing Analyst

Pay mix is actually a ratio that is calculated from the actual salary and from the incentive and bonuses given to the employees of the organization. It should be analyzed properly as to find the best and efficient results in this portion. For sales and marketing analyst the pays should be decided according to their working abilities and responsibilities in their organization. The sales and market analyst have paid according to its working efficiency in its field they are not given the pay but also they have awarded with bonuses and profits on the amount of increased number of promotion of the product they are dealing with.

The salary of sales and marketing analyst after a survey which is based on the industry and size of the other competitors we have decided an amount of $37,976– $ 66,804 which includes the bonus amount from about $ 250–$480. It also has the amount should be included in it for profit which is around $200. They also get a commission of around $1400 based on the number of increase in the sales of the product with which they are dealing with in the market. (Salary.com, 2018)

Sales and Marketing Analyst Job Benefits

Manager Of Benefits

The conducted survey has been advised that the salary of manager of benefits should be on a high scale because the job terms of its salary are concerned with the concern of the benefits earned by the company in terms of exceeding in the limit of profit by the efficient and excellent working of employees of the organization. It manages and determines the employee’s benefits in terms of bonuses and incentives as they have a right that they should get the incentives on their efficient and excellent performance in the company. They are awarded by medical, education and sometimes by fuel bonuses as well. Manager of benefits takes care of all these figures and calculates these figures according to their working efficiency in the organization.

This job is very much important and efficient that it should not do any injustice to anyone so that all will get their desired amount of benefit as a must. According to the survey, its salary ranges from $50,000- $ 105,770 other than the salary they are awarded a bonus of amount ranges between $1200- $ 1400 depends on the working of the organization. The profit sharing amount is between $1- $8 and the amount of commission totally based on the number of incentives properly given to the employees ranging around $2300 depends on company policy. (Salary.com , 2018)

Director Of Sales And Marketing 

The sales and marketing department is the most essential and important department of every organization as their duty is to maintain the records of sale as well as they look after on the aspects that whether the sales are going accurately according to the way it should be of the Company’s product and they should be increased gradually with the passage of time as the sale of company’s product depends on the proper advertising and marketing of it among the customers who are going to use it to get benefits from it. When you properly advertise your product only then it sales best and give you the best output in the selling of your product.

This post is very much important and efficient as it needs to be done under proper considerations and as well as it needs consistent look after based on increasing sales of the Company. According to survey conducted in terms of knowing about the sales and marketing directors post in other organization it ranges from $46000-$170,000 that includes bonus ranges from $2000- $ 40,000 it also includes profit sharing amount ranges from $0.5- $24000 the commission they can get ranges between $4000- $52000 depends on company strategy. (Salary.com, 2018)

Executive Assistant

The job description of Executive Assistant in the company is very much important and technical as well as they have to deal with the report making and maintaining statistical data of the organization. They are conducting the working of making research for the working aspects of the company. They have to prepare the statistical reports of the company, they are concerned with the requests they handle information of the company that are sometimes although all the time became very much important for the company that is to be handled by the Executive Assistant.

It has many other functions to perform such as arranging conferences for the directors on the bases of reports that they have made he has allowed to arrange a meeting on urgent bases if needed, he can also receive the visitors that have visited the organization in terms of promoting it or working in it from an outsource. Its salary ranges from $35000- $ 76000 include bonus from $700- $10,000, profit sharing ration from $ 506-$8000 and the amount of commission based on the company policy which is $200 – $ 18000. (Salary.com, 2018)

Engineering Director

Engineering as displays by the name this field requires the technical terms of the organization. It plans about all the aspects that engineering department should have in it related to the technical and mechanical working in the organization. It handles and manages all the activities that are related to the engineering projects in an organization. It ensures that all the activities arranged by the other workers in the engineering field are working efficiently or not. They arranged or manages the performance o the policies of the organizations and maintains that the company whether achieving its objectives and goals or not.

The components and materials required in the engineering department should be placed there must be maintained by the engineering director to keep the working of the organization smooth and effective. It also manages the overall budget of the company in their engineering department. Its salary ranges between $89000- $ 19000 depend upon the strength and success of the organization. It includes the bonus of $ 35000- $40,000, profit sharing ratio ranges from $1100-$52000 and the commission of around $1100- $52000 depends on the company’s worth of working as a must. (Salary.com, 2018)

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