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Resources of Water and its Purification


Our tour to Lake Mary drinking water treatment plant was very beneficial for us as we learn how water purifies from natural source of plant. Water is the basic need for any human being, to drink clean water is the necessity of one’s life now, if water is not clean one can suffer from many diseases. In this way, Lake Mary made a plant that purifies water and then gives to the public. They are also working on different projects like economic development, community development and landfill services.

H2O is a pure compound from which water can be made. There are different sources to obtained water. Water couldResources of Water also get from the salt, 97% of water could be obtained from earth salt. Unfrozen fresh water could also be getting from inside the ground. The supply of groundwater is decreasing day by day. Allocating the water resources to the water user is also called water rights. Water could also be obtained from rivers, lake, wetlands and water could be making from using artificial resources. The evaporation of water every day is also reducing the level of water, which can be danger in coming years. Water needs to collect now, and it needs a large storage capacity. Power plants are needed to purify and cooling the water, to supply the power plant with the water, storage capacity is needed. To make the water clean and healthy, the water needs little treatment. To supply high quality of water treatment plants are required. The storage of water is important for this process first, and then the impurities are removed to clean the water. The germs are killed in this process. This process is called disinfection process, all microorganisms including bacteria’s, viruses and parasites are killed. Microorganism may include bugs as well. If this process not takes place many of the diseases like typhoid, cholera, dysentery and giardiasis could take place. To filter the water is very important, it remove the particles like dust, sand and coal. The filter cleans the water and is called back washing. The water, which contained so many little particles, should be filtered. The water sometimes should be double filtered. After the cleaning of the water laboratory process, take place to ensure that water is safe to drink now. Water treatment plant first satisfy all the processes and treatments which are necessary for clean water and then water is given to the public to drink.

Identify the primary contaminants in the sources for flagstaff’s drinking water, where these contaminants likely came from, and what the federal government (EPA) indicates are the safe limits are for these drinking water contaminants.

Flagstaff is providing safe water of drinking; they are effectively providing the water, they want to provide water, which is safe for the community.

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