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Political Scenario

Systems of government play a critical role in promoting stability and economic prosperity. The football lovers who found themselves on the island got it difficult to continue with the harmonious relations. They developed an interest in the available economic resources, and each one of them wanted an equal share of such resources. However, there were no laws in place to govern the equitable distribution of land among the inhabitants. I find it necessary to establish a system of government that would guarantee peace, mutual assistance, goodwill, and preservation. In the beginning, all the individuals in the highland were in a state of nature where all were independent and equal. People found such as state as reasonably good and enjoyable (Riley, 2010).

The state in which the 300 people find themselves can be described as the State of Nature. Each person was at liberty to conduct their lives as they best see fit. It is described as a perfect and complete society where every individual is free from interference. It was also known as the state of liberty where everybody was free to pursue their interest because there were no laws that were imposed on them. However, conflict over land would require a participatory system of government where all the citizens are given equal opportunity in making public decisions. The participatory system of government will allow citizens to formulate and defend their interest (Riley, 2010). In addition, people can judge public issues that emerge during public deliberations. The normative theory of the state that should be adopted in this scenario should promote social activities that are socially valued. It should eliminate social anomalies or anti-social behaviors that can affect peaceful coexistence among the people. It is imperative to endorse beliefs that would push for a homogenous society with ideological conservatism (Riley, 2010). In this case, the people will provide valuable information and viewpoints that would help to remedy conflicts in the society.

In this political scenario land is considered as the primary cause of the conflict. Some individuals are addicted to agriculture and are in need of fertile land to till. However, there are no established law and natural power to execute natural laws. Some individuals are interested in protecting the pieces of the land that they have acquired. In this case, II find social contract by John Locke as applicable.   People should not surrender all their rights to a political leader which they are likely to choose to ensure equitable redistribution of land (Riley, 2010). They should only abdicate the right to preserve and enforce laws.

I will be obliged to obey the decisions taken democratically because they will promote laws that will protect rights of men. This is because I believe in participatory democracy that will give equal opportunity to every individual to contribute their viewpoints to the decisions being made. The democratic decisions will allow for the establishment of laws and government that will uphold and protect the natural rights of people. I will be obliged to obey laws that are for the general good of the people. The decisions that promote a state of liberty would ensure social cohesion and understanding among the people.

I understand that there are no serious problems but a system of government and laws are required to protect the will of the people in the island. The rules should be democratically arrived at to avoid further conflicts.

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