Association for Child and Adolescent Counseling


Association for Child and Adolescent Counseling aims to focus on the training needs of counselors who work with children and adolescents, while also providing professional support to those counselors, whether they are school counselors, play therapists, or counselor educators. (, 2018)

Current ACAC State Organizations

Florida (FACAC)    

Illinois (IACAC)     

North Carolina (NCAC)

The Current Leaders/Significant Roles Are

  • President: Catherine Tucker
  • President-Elect: Evette Horton
  • Governing Council: Elsa Soto Leggett
  • Trustee: Le’Ann Solomon son, Maggie Parker
  • Secretary: Emily Goodman-Scott
  • Treasurer: Mario De Lagarza
  • Webmaster: Jennifer Geddes Hall
  • Newsletter Editor: Peggy Mayfield
    Mission Of The Division

The mission of ACAC is to promote a greater awareness, advocacy, and understanding of children and adolescents, as defined as the ages from birth to adolescents, among members of the counseling profession and related helping fields.

Association for Child and Adolescent Counseling

Benefits Of Joining ACAC

 In addition to the benefits of ACA membership, ACAC provides members with

  • ACAC electronic newsletter providing current information and support to members.
  • ACAC website to provide networking opportunities and up-to-date activities of the organization and members.
  • ACAC Member Blog providing the unique opportunity to consult with other members regarding challenges in practice.
  • ACAC’s Journal of Child & Adolescent Counseling biannual journal.
  • The ability to apply for ACAC sponsored research grants and ACA featured presentations

(My reaction to these resources, while they look like they would be fabulous has unfortunately not been updated since 2016.)

Opportunities For Involvement

The following are current committees and their contact information that are looking for help:

Advocacy (Chair: Leigh Holman: [email protected])

Awards (Chair: Sarah Zalewski )

Branch & State Affiliates (Chair: Open)

Bylaws (Chair: Sean Nixon: [email protected])

Conference (Chair: Evette Horton:  [email protected])

Graduate Students (Chair: Open)

Membership (Chair: Open)

Newsletter (Chair: Peggy Mayfield: [email protected])

Research Grant (Chair: Melanie Burgess: [email protected] & Kim Coggins [email protected])

Social Media & Website (Chair: Leigh Ann Russell-Chapin: [email protected] & Jennifer Geddes Hall  [email protected])

Ideal Member

You want to become a member of ACAC if you are a mental health clinician, a school counselor, a play therapist, a counselor educator, or any kind of counselor who works with children and/or adolescents

Association For Creativity In Counseling (ACC)


ACC’s goal is to promote greater awareness, advocacy, and understanding of diverse and creative approaches to counseling.

The Current Leaders/Significant Roles Are

 The ACC Board

  • President: Ioana Boie [email protected]
  • President-Elect: Ruth Ouzts Moore  [email protected]
  • Secretary: Franc Hudspeth
  • Governing Council Representative
  • Treasurer: Shane Haberstroh: [email protected]
  • Trustee/Board Member: Christine Berger, Christopher Lawrence, Emily Dennis
  • Newsletter Editor: Christopher Lawrence


The website lists the following resources as well as the Journal of Creativity of Mental Health.  Although I find the various articles that can be accessed without membership to be very interesting, the website for the journal is a little dated and difficult to view.

Additional Resources Listed On Website

  • American Art Therapy Association (AATA)
  • 225 N. Fairfax Street, Alexandria, VA  22314
  • Telephone: 888-290-0878: org, email:[email protected]
  • American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA)
  • 2000 Century Plaza, Suite 108, Columbia, MD 21044
  • telephone: 410-997-4040; fax: 410-997-4048; email: [email protected]
  • American Music Therapy Association (AMTA)
  • 8455 Colesville Road, Ste. 1000, Silver Spring, MD 20910
  • telephone: 301-589-3300; fax: 301-589-5175; email: [email protected]
  • American Society of Group Psychotherapy & Psychodrama (ASGPP)
  • 301 North Harrison Street, Suite 508, Princeton, NJ 08540; telephone: 609-452-1339; fax: 609-936-1659; email: [email protected]
  • Association for Play Therapy (APT)
  • 2050 N. Winery, #101, Fresno, CA 93703
  • telephone: 559-252-2278; fax: 559-252-2297; email:
  • Center for Play Therapy
  • O. Box 13857, Denton, Texas 76203
  • telephone: 940-565-3864; fax: 940-565-4461; email:
  • Jean Baker Miller Training Institute
  • National Association for Drama Therapy (NADT)
  • 15 Post Side Lane, Pittsford, NY 14534
  • telephone: 585-381-5618; fax: 585-383-1474; email:
  • National Association for Poetry Therapy (NAPT)
  • 16861 SW 6th Street, Pembroke Pines, Florida 33027
  • telephone: 954-499-4333; fax: 954-499-4324; email:  or
  • National Coalition of Creative Arts Therapies Associations (NCCATA)
  • 8455 Colesville Road, Ste. 1000, Silver Spring, MD 20910
  • Telephone/fax: 201-224-9146
  • An Online Guide to Dream Interpretation:
  • International Association for the Study of Dreams:
  • The Quantitative Study of Dreams:
  • A Dream Dictionary:
  • Dreams from a Jungian Perspective:
  • Ways to Work With Dreams:

Ideal Member

You want to become a member of the ACC if you are a counselor, counselor educator, a creative arts therapist and/or a counselor in training so that you can have the opportunity to explore the creative, unique and diverse approaches to counseling.

International Association Of Addictions And Offender Counselors (IAAOC)

The Mission Of The Division

The International Association for Addictions and Offender Counselors (IAAOC) is an organization of professional counselors and other interested individuals who work in the addictions or forensic/criminal justice fields and advocate for the appropriate treatment for such client populations.

Our mission is to provide leadership in the advancement of the fields of addictions and offender counseling.

Our vision is to be a high-quality resource organization which supports prevention, treatment, research, training, and advocacy for the addicted and forensic/criminal justice populations


This association offers a plethora of excellent modern resources, such as the following:  PowerPoint presentations, podcasts, and past issues of the IAAOC newsletter.  Additionally, IAAOC communicates and offers training in many different ways.  While, the newsletter claims to be published monthly and have a message from the President, upcoming events, professional articles, and job postings it appears to not have been updated since March 2017.  Another, resource the association has is a webinar, however, this has not been updated since 2016.

Additional Associated Websites

American Counseling Association (ACA)

Institute of Alcohol Studies

Alcoholics Anonymous

Cocaine Anonymous World Services

Narcotics Anonymous

Intel Eating Disorders Organization

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill


Resources available through this division – journals, magazines, and newsletters (review them and provide a brief description based on your perspective)


Opportunities for involvement: The IAAOC is currently seeking an Associate Editor for the Journal of Addictions & Offender Counseling

Ideal Member

Ideal Member: The ideal member of the IAAOC is a professional counselor and or other interested individuals who work in the addictions or forensic/criminal justice fields and advocate for the appropriate treatment for such client populations.

  • How to find the division (web address, physical address, email contact, phone, etc.)
  • Current leaders (president, significant roles students may be interested in)

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  • org. (2018). ACAC. Retrieved from


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