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Online Booking in Makkah Madina Hotels

Makkah Madina Hotels Online booking Website


Quality survey refers to the check and balance of the level of quality within an organization or place. Quality matters a lot in terms of having the good reputation in comparison with the competitors. Quality must be assured to be on the very high level so that it can be challenged by anyone from the outside of your organization. Quality brings more customers and clients towards your product or organizations.

Quality is something that needs to be managed properly and precisely so that you can attract the people towards you and keep then stick towards you and your products or organization services as well. The rapid change in the technology and facilities usage has changed the ideas and revolution of people towards the aspect of quality. They believe that whether there is no quality working then that organization or people that organization’s products or services should not be considered into account.

Online Booking in Makkah Madina Hotels


As to writing on the feasibility report of Makkah Madina hotels, I must consider this into account that the physical appearance of any employee or owner as well impacts a lot towards the clients you are going to attend within the boundaries of your hotel. If your employees were not in a neat and clean dress, not properly dressed up according to hair styling and usage of other accessories then a client will not be pleased by the working and the services you will provide to them.


It is a common saying that honesty is the best policy. It is true actually very true as an honest person will remain satisfied first because he/she is on the right path and second an honest person remain satisfied that they will not remain in the bad books of their bosses. Remain in good books of your offices is a good sign of your honesty and it improves the quality of services in any hotel as well. Because customer became more satisfied with the services if they are given to them purely and honestly. (Business dictionary.com)

Appropriate Provision

The appropriate provision means the best answering of customers questions by providing them all the best and possible demands, which they needed must provide them on time and make sure to provide them with the best quality of each of their demanded thing. Sometimes hotels take high rates from the customers but provide them low-quality services. This should not be done in Makkah Madina Hotels services because we are going to maintain a very high-quality image of our hotel in front of the customers. (your dictionary.com)

Short Waiting Time

A customer when ordered something from their room such as lunch or anything else then they will be provided with that thing as soon as possible. Because customer whether they are anywhere they do not like to wait longer. Waiting is a hectic activity for every person at anywhere they are. As we are going to launch online booking service so we should make such arrangements that when a customer books tickets online they do not need to wait too much for confirmation.


Courtesy means to meet someone with so much positive and sweet tone that they will love to meet you and talk to you repeatedly. As an employee or part of Makkah Madina hotels, you must have a courtiers nature and a very friendly behaviour with the clients. so that they feel relaxed and comfortable in terms of asking anything or in terms of any issue related to the services you are providing to them. Because e this activity makes them more and more reliable of their trust towards your hotel management and services.


Communication is the most important factor to be considered as an important point to take that seriously and with precision. Most of the time some customers can come to your hotel, which cannot be able to speak the language in which you are dealing with as Arabic. There came a problem of mass communication of you with your customer. This will lose the strength of your customer. Therefore, you must hire some of your employees, which can speak different languages and can handle different customers from different regions. (docwiki.cisco)

Personal Attention

While attending the customers at the front desk of your hotel you must attend them personally with greetings and a big smile on your face. This will refresh the customer and makes them happy they started believing this that this hotel will provide the best services with politeness and good attention as well. While booking online each person must be received by someone on another side of P.C so that customer can ask anything on time and rely on these bookings criteria’s.

No Excuses

When especially in hotels when a customer needed something in the hotels then they ask you with a trust that you must have that. Sometimes t can happen that due to any reason you cannot be able to bring all the stuff at once. The client going to ask that think is not available in your storeroom still you must not refuse them. You must satisfy them that you are going to bring that and try to arrange that thing as soon as possible. This makes customer’s trust towards you.

Employers Behavior

Employees must behave well and obedient and lenient as well with the customers. If you are listening, too much complains about any employee then you must consider this seriously and must try to solve this issue. The employee should be very positive with the clients because they are the basic elements that provide you success and good enough profit to maintain your reputation in the market, as many competitors are ready to beat you. Any misbehave with the client will make them angry and rigid towards your services as well. ((Haddad), 2016)

Quality Competitiveness

Quality must be compared with the products and services you are going to display or give to the customers of your hotel. The quality of the product must be so much Geneon that when they want to compare it with any others hotels services or products then they will definitely find your products and services up to the mark. They cannot be able to say any bad comment about your product. Your products and services are must be good enough that they do not even want to be praised by you. Customers will praise them for using. (Qualtrics.com)


The management should be and must be extraordinarily efficient and most trustful towards the clients that whenever they wanted anything they must have4 them after a minute or two. Customers may not be kept waiting. Managers must be very active and friendly nature that they must be present all the time to the clients whenever they are going to provide any special service to the client other than regular services. Most people want to talk directly to the managers so a manager should be available all time on duty to remove problems of the clients if any.

Customer Evaluation

Customers which are the key to success actually nowadays in terms of businesses. They must be given the bests your organization has in. When customers evaluate you they observe few things as s must which are cleanliness, employees behaviour, Order fulfilment and availability of every accessory in the rooms. These things are already essential to consider them seriously and must be on top of the level of quality placed on the market. (Survey Sampling.com)


Summing up all these points one must consider into account the management of Makkah Madina Hotels must be efficient as much as possible. While in booking tickets online they must remain active 24 hours a day. Customer will be in need any time so they must be present on their sites all the time. Customers must not be kept waiting for long timings. Better and fast and extra efficient will be your online booking services of booking tickets, better will be your reputation became in the market and among their competitors as well. Therefore, you must consider into account all the major and essential points to maintain the high level of quality in your servicing.

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