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Marketing Yourself Example

Marketing YourselfMarketing Yourself Example

1st Approach:

Suppose I am employer of a international food chain and it’s my duty to advertise my food to customers. First I promote my food through advertisement on internet and TV and also with the help of billboards and pamphlets. In this advertisement it clearly shows that we provide a high quality food and all the ingredients we include in our food are tested and having fine quality. Our food is good for health. People of all ages like young, old and children have enjoyed our food. We introduce a huge variety of food so you can eat whatever you want. Our prices are also very reasonable so every person can purchase our food. Special types of discounts also provided to our regular customers. Different types of food chains are present in markets but our food style is different from others. We provide comfortable atmosphere to our customers, best facilities for food, provide fresh meal at every time. We have a unique taste which you didn’t find anywhere. So come and try our different variety of food and tell us your views about food.

2nd Approach:

Leadership skills: if I discuss myself, I have good leadership skills. From school and college I assist my group members, help them to do our projects or tasks, give them proper guideline, discuss their problems and try to resolve their educational issues. At every level I prove myself a good leader because I take all responsibilities and with heartily complete all those responsibilities. My teachers also give me responsibilities as a group leader or class leader and I always fulfill these all. So for me it’s not difficult to assist my fellows instead I try to give them better advice and guidance.

Academic Achievements: I complete my school with best grades and for further studies I take admission in one of the best college of country. I am also topper in my marketing field. And after becoming employer, I improve my marketing skills very well. I remember all techniques very well and I also want to attend different courses and conferences to improve my skills and knowledge.

Experience: I am in practical field since last 5 years and in these years I gain lot of experience in different fields. I worked as a sales manager and get good experience of sales and techniques of sale used in the market. Worked as a project manager and also get leadership experience. My that experience was very good. I am very loyal in work commitment and always try to complete my given tasks on time. I try to provide best customer services to different customer and get positive response. From different companies I also get entrepreneurial experience and always try to learn some positive attributes from different companies. I also done work for community and as a good leader I assist many juniors. I am also study international education and vast my vision for my work. I try to get knowledge and experience from all related field to enhance my experience and skills.

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