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Managing International Operations

Governments Regulate Their Companies Marketing In Development Countries

International companies should try to sell their products or do marketing of theirManaging International Operations products in developing countries, as the people of third-world countries are not much aware of thing due to low or less income. The trend of selling products should be focused, so the people of developing countries come to know about the products and they can also enjoy the life free of diseases, technology and improvement may be helpful for them. The people of developing country may do not have decision-making power to take the decisions due to poor education or low incomes, however, in this way developed countries may be supportive.

It is the need of the era, to protect and give support to the developing countries, if the government of developing countries is not supportive, still there is need to motive and educate them, that people should be given healthy and protective things. There are need of rules and regulation that support the help of products from the developed countries, so the situations should be improved, if developed countries do not help the third world or developed countries, and then nobody is going to support them. It is needed by the developed countries, to focused on the developing countries, and worked or take steps to improve their health and educational level.

MNE’s are ignored, and may be ignored in future for developing new product in the developing countries, but the efforts should not stop, as developed countries have developed and favorable products or services for them. Selling harmful products are often unnoticed by developing countries, as fact is “there is behavior change, both by government and consumers by developing countries”, such as Thailand has restricted, the tobacco smoking, because among Buddhist monks, smoking may lead to death.

The cultural reasons or changes of behaviors, may affect the product demand, due to the religious beliefs, product acceptability is depend upon one’s choice or preferences. However, MNE’s should also focus on countries preferences, income or culture before offering the product alternatively, services in developing countries. Moreover, if one government knows the importance of the one product, then it should tell to other governments, as in the case of DDT; DDT was the best solution to kill the malaria. The developed countries realize the importance of DDT in their country, constituently, when it is exported to the developing countries, they face long-term adverse affect. South Africa also banned the use of DDT in three provinces. Further, when the patient of malaria was doubled, the DDT helped the nation to get rid of malaria in and it was recognized that DDT is the best solution.

Government needs to help each other, if government fined the problem in one product and should tell the others and vice versa. As U.S maintain the Nestle in developing countries, but due to restrictions of the government, it was not supported, developing countries mentioned, that promoting Nestle products for the children might discourage the breast-feeding. MNE’s should do effort for the government intervention; they should need to tell the importance of their product to the government first, so the product or services should not be banned.

As estimated, “Only 10% of the global health budget is spend on disease, and 90% of global disease burden, largely bypass by developed countries”, MNE’s need to focus on the diseases, not only on the threatening diseases, like malaria, sleeping sickness, lifetime treatment etc. Developed countries should know about the problems or diseases facing by the developing countries, and need to meet the real need instead of selling the dangerous products (Shah, 2014).

There are so many problems, developing countries are facing, and the death rate is increasing due to less knowledge or lack of awareness, as developed countries have much knowledge about the services that should be given on time to the patients, developed countries must help the developing countries, and need to share strategies. The death rate of U.S or other developed nation is very less than the developing countries; steps are needed to know the underlying causes. The effective steps are needed for the long-term protection.

There is also need to tell the importance of advance education, in this case, developing countries can get awareness and can get safe from so many problems, and income could be generated. MNE’s should make or induce them product, which is helpful for them, example, right product should be given on right time. The patient rate suffering from cancer and diabetes are increasing day-by-day in developing countries, much attention is needed by the developed countries, to get safe from these diseases (Frynas & Mellahi, 2015).

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