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Lawrence Technological University Student Experience

Lawrence Technological University Student Experience and Opinion

High Point Experience at LTU:

My experience at LTU have been amazing, I have learned so many things in a short period. LTU is aLawrence Technological University Student Experience very welcoming place, the people or students who want to learn are always welcome, I have friends from various or different backgrounds, the students are treated equally or fairly. LTU have given me the insight to know about different cultures. I have expanded my knowledge of literature and other subjects over here, through exploring the things.

Value to Learn And Work  at LTU:

The people over here can improve their self-confidence, the teachers and students talk very broadly and as people of LTU are cooperative; therefore, I have gained stranger sense of control on me. There are chances to know about own-self through self-reflection, there are deeper levels of thinking for those who study or work, however, the better understanding of things can be there.

Core Factors that Give life to LTU:

The LTU is committed to delivering the best knowledge or education to their students, their core factors are advance personal integrity and they provide the foundation for the professional success so the students able to show their own critical thinking or integrity. Everybody is free asking queries there; students are encouraged to work so better results can be there.

LTU Gives life Goals:

I am sure if it has spent five years in LTU, I will be clear about my goals of life, I will be focused towards the mission I have in life, a university can provide me an opportunity, so that I could learn, get experience and prepared for the success. However, in university, there are cultures of the professional development so one can enhance his/her core life proficiencies.

Things Wants to Change at LTU:

I want to change the curriculum, as the curriculums are very specific and give the restricted knowledge of subject only; there is no thinking from outside of the box. The teacher needs to be more collaborative so the students can share the problems they are facing in courses, there is need to give some extra time to the students who are from different country and facing hard times during studies, while they are in university. I want to see LTU to be at the top and it is only possible if maximum free time can be given for creativity skills, to the teachers and the students.

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