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Jefferson County Public Library Marketing Plan

Internal Environment

Jefferson county public library current marketing objective and goal is to increase the membership subscription to the library services offered by this institution by making the services free to all. The ultimate goal is to get the number from the town’s local population that provides ready and willing market. The objective is to attract all the age groups across the board.

The Jefferson library has developed appealing packages for customers across the board, taking into account their academic level. A good example is the fact that the mission board has captured the special consideration to provide special care and service to the younger age group by assisting them to acquire the necessary material within the library (Jefferson County Public Library). The free services being offered have been tied down to the vast material access in terms of books and reading materials while assigning professional library attendants to assist with the accessibility of this materials by the  customer in the library.

The marketing strategy is very consistent with the library’s mission because it encompasses the ideology of providing free services to all. ‘All’ means all age groups across the, while giving special emphasis to the young generation, a strategy that will attract the grown-ups that accompany the children to the institution. Customers want cost cutting initiatives to ease pressure off their budgets hence the fact that the library is offering free services is an inviting factor to attract this customers that want to enjoy the services while implementing the cost cutting measure.

Jefferson County Public Library Marketing Plan

The current marketing strategy and performance are interlinked because strategy leads to performance. The Jefferson County Public Library has involved the public to employ technology in marketing and provide services within the library to enhance turnaround time and service delivery efficiency while cutting the cost operation.

The public library institution has had a bullish market share meaning that the customer base has been on a steady increase with the implementation of the institutions mission on its goals. Free services means imposing minimal charges to the customer in terms of pricing hence attracting the large clientele (Jefferson County Public Library). The minimal pricing strategy is working well with the customers. The performance is ever improving because of the ever increase of population every year.

  • The public library performance is on the rising trend

Jefferson County Public Library has had an edge with managing organization resources because of the current organizational structure that has been put in place. Competent performing managers have been put in place to manage the various departments that pertain to management of the library. An example is Pam Nissler the executive director has a performing track record (Jefferson County Public Library). Communication with the customer has increased with the division of library areas into small sections that interact directly with the customers.

The public library has a financial mandate of requiring additional funds from the county federal government to man the increase in customers demand without putting unnecessary strain to the customers. If any cost change is to be inflicted to the customer then it will be with a very minimalist approach.

The library will be able to communicate with the customers in regards to the constrained resources aspect. Probably start a public campaign from well-wishers or organizations for funding or financial donations or grants for the purposes resource acquisition.

  • Review of cultural and structural present and expected problems

The current marketing strategy has created an enabling culture in terms of customer orientation especially by giving special care to the young bracket (Jefferson County Public Library). This gives a nurturing business environment that continues to provide customer satisfaction because a parent is able to be comfortable leaving a young one at the premise creating confidence with the customer base in general. The management position appears to be gender based because all the top managers are ladies something that may affect negatively the male customers’ mindset and ultimately institute issues with sexual discrimination and affect the market share in the long run. A change in the management needs to happen.

The firm’s structure is very supportive of the current marketing strategy because the departments have been subdividing into smaller units that ensure customer service delivery and satisfaction.

The Customer Environment

The library’s current customers are the school going children and the middle class population.

The Jefferson County Public library is located within various numerous locations within the town. This is with the likes of Golden, Lakewood Evergreen and Conifer just to mention a few meaning more interaction with the customer. The library attracts all manner of lifestyle dependent on the neighborhood the branch of the library is located.

The library gets its resources in terms of books and reading materials from various printing press firms within the country. Donors from nonprofit organizations also play a part in ensuring stocking of the library.

The customers ingest the information offered by the books and all the required reading materials in general.

The library has different sections that contain different books that connect to the targeted customer needs. A good example is the library has little fairy tales story books for the younger age group and adult journal or novels or the older generations. The main aim is for the customer to get information.

Reading materials and books are purchased in large quantities when new but repurchased on a voluntary basis for the purpose of replacement. The books that are in high demand and face a high percentage of wear and tear challenges have a high replacement rate.

The adoption of information and technology in managing the service delivery systems has been able to interact with the customers and provide customer satisfaction. A good number of customer visit the library during weekends however during major holidays like summer holidays there lesser activity compared to school going days because students want to keep away from the library (Jefferson County Public Library). Opening time would be the preferred component to non-customers because of accessibility. This could be corrected by the library extending its opening hours to accommodate the non-customers who would like to access the library at later hours.

The External Environment

The Jefferson hardly faces any competition from the same locality because of its ability to provide the library services to the majority town population free of charge enjoying a monopoly kind of arrangement in its distribution and promotion of its superior services. The competitors are disadvantaged by the mere pricing factor. Private libraries are more expensive.

Economic growth and stability is dictated by the federal government hence the county only enjoys the benefits under the umbrella by getting customers from well-established schools and good jobs provided by the government. Good economic activity means more disposable income for the population within the town.

Politics affects the library in terms of appointment of officials and funding of the same hence political trends affect the general performance output of the library to discharge its services depending on the political term management and affiliation to the institution.

Jefferson County Public Library enjoys the most support from the county government because it offers beneficial service that is of greater good to the entire nation at large. The public is therefore protected from any trade agreements or by law that would constrict service delivery of the library.

Technological advancement in the information and technological aspect has been very vital in ensuring service delivery and proper management of the institution. A student can request or rent a book online as opposed to physically visiting the library hence saving time. A career person can book an appointment at the comfort of his desk at the office and consult without necessarily visiting the premise. Who would not want to embrace technology advancement in this public institution..

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