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Interview With A Purchase Manager

Purchasing As A Vocation

I have conducted an interview with Mr. Jean Coelho purchasing manager of Nike on 1 March 2018.The following questions I asked them and the answers they displayed are as follows:

Please Describe Your Company’s Purchasing Patterns?

As a purchasing manager in the purchasing or recruitment department of Nike, we have followed many important and essential patterns of purchasing which can make our purchasing efficient enough to meet the needs of the purchasing department of our company. Our foremost priority is the loyalty to maintain our company’s brand. Our brand is very much famous because of its quality maintenance and maintaining fame due to this quality as well. Purchasing also demands the maintenance of that royalty with consistency and authenticity as well. The loyalty is that quality which affects the trust of your customer very positively and in the right way as well.

Interview With A Purchase Manager

Brand royalty has many of the tasks and strategies to perform in terms of earning high-quality success, which includes manageable marketing of the product with proper process and procedures, which makes the customer aware of the fact that the product they are using is reliable and authentic as well. The purchasing power of any company must be strong enough that it may correct all the issues and all the problems are being solved by their proper purchasing because purchases include the stuff of the company used to complete its working because that product which we are going to make is the essential and the backbone, the real strength of the company.

Please Describe Cycle Time Of Your Process? 

Cycle time is that time in your purchasing or recruitment process, which you take to complete one project related to your purchasing process, which leads to the accomplishment of the project at the time of manufacturing their products. The cycle time is that time which is specified by the managers in order to complete the target of manufacturing on time. If the orders or payments delayed due to any issue then it became very critical or complicated for the organization to accomplish its tasks because of a shortage of material required to complete it.

In order to complete, the tasks we must order our required material on time, before the end of previous material much time before the end of our required material, we must have it as it may not affect our process of working it makes the process slow and inefficient as well. So we must complete and follow the cycle time and according to the pattern we had made to maintain its stability and efficiency as well. When a company or organization follows the cycle of time properly and efficiently then he must get success and rapid growth because he is following the norms properly and with precision as well.

How Is Tracking Of The Vendor Contacts Concerned?

Mean if you really look or keep your eyes on the way with which you will have your purchase the supplier that will bring you your purchases may be in contact with you all the time so that you may come to know the progress or the results of the purchases you did. The number of purchases or supplies done by the managers must be recorded and kept in accounts so that no problem may suffer in future. I did the same I use to record all the transactions done to you to make them properly precise and efficient and as well, they must be noted down by the person who transfers it to you because you have to pay for it to him. No problem should occur in your transfer of money or goods as well because this causes a problem for the persons or the company who deals with it. The vendor which leads to the purchasing on your aspect or that leads to the supplies of your required order may not be left efficient and openly that whatever he wants to do on anytime, No he must be monitored timely to avoid late transaction of material to you.

How Do You Record Vendor’s Information?

The vendors are the person who transfers our material or amount from one place to another because sometimes we have to do a transaction of a very high amount of material as well of a very high amount of money so what I do I keep in touch with the vendor, communicates with him time to time and asks him to do that task hurriedly and motivates him as well so that he will be encouraged and do task more efficiently and properly. As all the transaction and transfer depends totally on the vendor. He is very responsible for the transfer so he must be responsible, efficient and smart minded as well.

Because sometimes there came a trouble situation of theft or loss of material due to any other reason so the vendor must be looked after timely and motivated as well in order to achieve your purchasing target o0n time. All the information of the vendor that what he brought what he takes away from the warehouse, how much material was out of order, how much material was outdated all the details I noted down in the inventory registers and also recorded in the company’s systems as well.

Please Describe Your Internal Systems To Manage Inventory?

Controlling our inventory system is the most important task in my duties. As the manager of purchasing department, I am also the owner or responsible for keeping in view and taking care of the warehouse where all the stock is gathered and brought. The first thing I did was to keep in a lock to the warehouse just in a case when needed any material I opened the warehouse another vise it remained locked and have security cameras as well on its gates. I use to count all the items that the amount which was ordered whether reached or not according to the need.

Another most important task I did is keeping the records of the inventory is that I tag all the items one by one by my company’s authentic and approved by the government as well on the stock so that it became obvious and proved that this stock is our private property and we have owned it. The vendors are to be maintained a sense of security with each other or any other person in the organization so that any secret or personal information may not be leaked. Because it is considered as a crime to leak any information of the organization to anyone outside or inside of any other department as well.

How Do You Issue Requisitions?

Purchasing documents or purchasing orders are the documents, in our or in each business which is essential to know about the needs and wants related to the business purchases. These are mostly get filled by the employees of that organization in order to know the exact needs of the employees or exact needs of the material in terms of the business needs. Our organization needs proper material, which helps in making shoes all the time when I filled many requisitions with my employees they contained different questions and information’s that needs to be filled accordingly so that they may not harm or disturb the actual amount of material required to full fill the tasks and to achieve the targets of the organization.

It contains all the items or materials that you needed to manufacture in your department in order to achieve the target. I issue requisitions as I collect information by visiting all the departments myself. I organize the list of the questions or problems that came in my mind by keeping all the aspects in mind I made a questionnaire type document and send it to the department’s head they then distributed among each employee at a specific time when they fill it they will transfer it to me and I observe the response by them.

How Are Bids Requested From Your Vendors?

The most important and tricky term in purchasing process is to make a bid with your vendor. The bid is like a deal or agreement which you will make with your vendors by keeping in view your terms and conditions and by considering all the possible outcomes or objectives that can be fulfilled and Implemented on the vendor’s process in order to achieve the target timely and efficiently.  Because it is very important that you have your target on time and with proper processing as well. Bidding is just like an agreement made with your vendors for transferring your material to you.

Bidding is to be made with proper procedure. The procedure, which I follow, is according to the standards s set by the organizations of bidding. First I contact with a vendor I greet him and describes him about my condition of work that what type of material I needed to transfer from my company’s warehouse and what type of material you will deliver to me. He asks about the price of material or the price of its wage, which you will pay to him. By convincing him, I allow him the satisfied amount of charges, which will satisfy him and I will win the bid.

Do You Record The Vendor’s Tax Types That Are Charged?

There are many categories or types of taxes charged from the vendors in terms of their accomplishments with their biddings towards the organization with which they are bidding. Each vendor falls into that category according to the way in which the vendors its material to the assigned organization. There are five categories placed for the vendor’s category A  consists of those vendors who have to submit each inventory within every two months according to the calendar ends on January, March, May, July, September and November. The manager will decide it whether this vendor falls into this category or not.

The second category is the B category in which vendor has to submit some entries until the start of the two calendar months February, April, June, August, October and December. 3rd category is C category in which vendor has to submit one return for each month. In the category, D vendors have to submit the material or transaction according to the rules set by the commissioner and mangers which are that vendor has to submit every category within every 6 months of the calendar year. The last and the most difficult or complicated category which most managers me also avoid implementing is the E category vendors which vendors also avoid is that vendor will only transfer one transaction in a year.

Describe The Receiving Items Process?

The process of receiving the items in my company done by me includes proper procedures or strategies because this is the most valuable and important factor to be kept in account properly and precisely. Because the items you ordered for the purchase are essential for the manufacturing in your company. This is the key element or part of your product to make it. Therefore, the process of receiving items is very much efficient and authentic. The items when reached in my warehouse before unloading it from the vehicle I count it one by one and I note down the amount of the packets delivered by me.

What Are Your Comments, If Substitute Items Are Received?

Substitute goods are those goods that are used as an alternative to some other things. I always keep some substitute goods in my warehouse in terms of avoiding any emergency situations. Sometimes it happens that the initial and the most important material became out of stock in the main market and to achieve our organization’s target is compulsory so that at that time I use my substitute good. In addition, sometimes they are received when we have access to our real material, in that case, I also kept them safe and carefully to meet the needs in a time of critical or difficult situations. This is my initial and the most important responsibility to keep checking the amount of stock so that it may not get short during manufacturing or working on the target accomplishments.

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