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Innovative Food and Drink Products Around the World

Company: United Snacks

Country: Pakistan

Product Description:Innovative Food and Drink Products around the World

Leveraging 6 decades of experience in the FMCG Industry, United Snacks, a progressive and dynamic Pakistani snacks manufacturing company, proudly presents their flagship brand: “Oye Hoye” potato chips.

The new snack has six delicious and diverse flavors; Salt, Barbeque, Tomato, Salt & Pepper, Masala and Cheese and has been specifically manufactured to appeal to the diverse palate and need for convenience of Pakistan’s growing youth. The new product line is now available nationwide.

Company:  Le Grand

Country: CanadaInnovative Food & Drink Products around the World

Product Description:

Le Grand Classik Hummus is a vegan product made with natural ingredients and contains no gluten, GMO, added sugar, cholesterol or preservatives.

Here, hummus appears in a package that is unusual for the category — a flexible stand-up pouch. The product itself has no added sugar or preservatives.

Company: Fair life

Country: US

Product Description:

Fairlife Whole Ultra-Filtered Milk has 50% more protein, 30% more calcium and 50% less sugInnovative Food and Drink Products around the Worldar than ordinary milk. The ultra-pasteurized beverage contains vitamins A and D and comes from cows that have not been treated with rBST. The grade A, kosher certified product is homogenized and lactose-free.

The company says the filtration of this 100% dairy milk removes all of the lactose and reduces both fat and calories, resulting in a high-protein dairy milk. It represents a new technology that likely could be expanded beyond only drinkable milks.

Company: Stony Field

Country: USA.

Product : Oh My Yog

Product Description:

Amazing comes in three layers. Get ready for an adventure in taste. Oh My Yog! is three layers of amazing: dig your spoon through the cream top layer to the honey-infused whole milk yogurt below, and then into the layer of fruit or vanilla at the bottom. With our exceptional flavors, Oh My Yog! is like no other yogurt you’ve tried before.

Innovative Food and Drink Products around the World

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