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Impact of American Baseball on Cuba and Dominican Republic

1. Provide synopsis of documentary and explain how this documentary connect with the information found in your textbook.

Answer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQss6XDSs1A

This documentary related to Dominican Republic and this related to all the information related to Dominican baseball interest given in textbook. This documentary briefly describe the interest of people with baseball, their love with this game, their career related to this game and how they improve their living standards by getting improved skills of baseball, also they get education and tough training which make them mentally and physically strong and fit.


This documentary is done by Fran Healy by The Game: 365. Fran Healy make a documentary on Dominican Kids who learn and play baseball, who train them, who invest them, how they provided better opportunities and so on. In this regard, Fran meet with different people related to Dominican prospect league and talk about baseball players related to Dominic and in comparison with United states. Ulises Cabrera (Co-founder and General Manager, Dominican prospect league) told that players learn baseball from TV and then trainer arranged to teach new players and reached them at national level. They also told that these kids learn baseball by birth. Juan Marichal (Hall of Fame Pitcher) an old and experienced player told his story about baseball and his struggle and also gives positive suggestions. He said I was too young when I start baseball with this thinking that I have to do something for my mother, my brothers and sisters. He also told that kids didn’t want to study and many kids didn’t go to school, I also don’t want to go school I just want to play baseball and want to earn money but my mother told me to get better life education is also compulsory. So I start my studies and then learn baseball. Miguel Montas (owner, Elnuevo caridad) told about interest and love of people about baseball. He is owner of a restaurant and arranges his restaurant according to likeness of people related to baseball. He said fans live with baseball and talk about baseball all the time. Gabriel Diaz (third baseman, New York bulldogz (18+)) and Brian Collado (Pitcher, New York Bulldogz (18+)) both tell us about player’s strength and their working skills regarding baseball. Christian Batista (Independent trainer manager, Dominican prospect league) and Miguel Delgado (owner baseball for kids’ academy former Co-general Manager, Licey Tigers) both told us about training and interest of new players and their learning skills regarding baseball. They also told us the problems faced by Dominicans and how they overcome these problems .they teach them baseball skills as well as physical fitness training.

2. What is the Dominican prospect league and how does it help and/or hinder Dominican-born player hoping to make it in MLB.

Answer. Dominican Prospect league was developed in 2010.this league help new by born players of Dominican baseball to develop their personality and trained them by applying some new and better standards. Trained them how to play at national level and how to face problems during playing baseball, make them mentally strong and enhance their sportsman ship. Also provide trainer or scouts to give them training regarding their game. Players who perform better in Dominican prospect league can be prepared to perform in major league baseball which is a high level league, offer a high income but demands a high level performance in game.

3. Explain the role of buscon and how they impact the development of Dominican players. Dose it hurt or helps the players?

Answer. Buscon is basically related to a critical and disrespectful attitude. In simple words, Buscon rules are related to money. This is different from trainers and coaches who train the players, give them food, cloths, education, teach them all skills and tactics related to their life and baseball as well as they invest on players so that they signed game contracts and earn money and trainers plus investors also take their specified share but now rules are going to change. Now parents take care of their children and signed for game as per their willingness which may not give money return to trainers. According to buscon, players must sign and play and investors must earn their invested money with good margin. Buscons only interested in money not in kids and their interest. They get maximum benefits and give less reward to players as compared to their skills.

4. Do you feel that American baseball represents hope for individuals in developing countries? Explain why or why not.

Answer. American baseball definitely a sign of hope and success for Dominican players. but its very difficult for all those players to live and survive and learn in a restricted and limited atmosphere. Trainers and scouts brought kids to America but provide them a restricted atmosphere and try to earn maximum by investing minimum money on such children .but once these players sign the game professionally and enter in high level, they can maximum utilize their skills and may earn a large amount of money. All kids related to underdeveloped countries  want to give a better life to their families and also want to improve their living standard by playing baseball but they also get some education to groom their personalities and get to know about all business techniques related to their games. So that they can get maximum benefits by utilizing their skills.

5. What role does MLB play in the recruitment of Dominican players?

Answer. Major League Baseball is the third highly practical and professional league of baseball. It’s normally related to money. Its income normally above 3 million. It’s very helpful for Dominican players in such a way that kids try their best to reached this major league and once they reached to professional level and start playing in MLB then they think about their families and they earn money to raise the living standard of their families and communities as well. So, all players work hard and try to reach the level of major league baseball to get better life style and live a better life.

6. What did you find interesting about the film?

Answer. After watching this short film, we can conclude that baseball is best way for Dominicans to get high skills and improve their life. In this way, trainers and scouts help them a lot, investors invest their money on them for their food, cloths, studies and training but they also take their share when these players signed and start their career. Dominican prospect league is most helpful area for new kids and provide them better facilities. Many helpers are there to give them better guideline, better training and better knowledge how to deal with people and take better decisions to earn money and make a better life for their families and for themselves. Many major leagues baseball also there which provide better  opportunities to raise their professional level and earn a huge amount of money but a strong and tough hard work is required in every step of success. So this film show us and tell the story of hardworking and struggling of Dominican players from start till end.


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