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General Questions and Answers in English Examples

Q1: Song Achieved What Certification Do City to Become the First City in the World Outside of the United States?

The Song do International Business District (Song do IBD) in South Korea has turned into the primary city to win pre-affirmation for the US Green Building Council’s (USGBC) new ‘LEED for Cities’ grouping.  LEED for Cities tends to supportability, personal satisfaction, training, success, value, general wellbeing and security. The city is home to 2 million square meters of LEED-confirmed space, representing 40 percent of all LEED-affirmed area in South Korea.

Q2: Who​​ Took​​ Control of Panama &​​ Built a​​ Canal?

Nicaragua's President affirmed a bill to allow a 50-year admission to back and deal with the task at National Assembly​​ by Wang Jing, a wealthy Chinese individual, to the private Hong Kong Nicaragua Canal Construction Investment Company (HKND Group).​​ The concession can be stretched out for an additional 50 years once the conduit is operational.

Q3: What is the​​ World's​​ First​​ Zero-Carbon &​​ Zero​​ Waste​​ City?

World's initial zero carbon, zero waste city in Abu Dhabi. The primary task because of the Masdar Initiative is another 6 million square meters practical advancement that uses the customary arranging principals of a walled city, together with existing advances, to accomplish a zero carbon and zero waste group.​​ 

Q4: When​​ did China​​ Exceed the​​ Total​​ Length of the Interstate​​ Highway​​ System in the​​ US?

2011 is when China's intercity road framework surpasses the length of the US interstate parkway framework. China's turnpikes are completely level isolated; standard expressway roadways, however dissimilar to most interstate parkways, have tolls.

Q5: What is the​​ Average​​ Age of India?

India has more than half of its population around the age of 27 and more than 65 percent below the age of 35. The average age of an Indian is expected to be 29 years in 2020; India 's proportion of dependency should be a little more than 0.4.

Q6: What is​​ the​​ Second-Largest​​ City in Saudi​​ Arabia?

Jeddah is the second biggest city in Saudi Arabia after Riyadh and the greatest seaport in the Red Sea, with 3,976,000. It likewise Plans to extend the extent of Washington DC.

Q7: Write a Paragraph on​​ Something​​ New​​ You​​ Learned​​ Today that was​​ Mentioned in the​​ Video?

Something new to gain from this Documentary is that There is no outline or easy route for building a world-evolving megaproject. Everyone must be composed and developed starting from the earliest stage, amid significant formality and feedback measures. Developers of megaprojects grasp the obscure, notwithstanding when looked with mind-blowing measures of hazard and enormous cost invades.

In the meantime, effective megaprojects can finish things that have never been finished. They can be apexes of human accomplishment, and exhibitions, for example, the International Experimental Thermal Nuclear Reactor or ITER and the U.S. Interstate Highway System have officially changed the world. While there is likewise a look about a work in progress nations, making a decent stride towards the Mega Projects bury and external the nation like India.






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