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Effect of Campaign Strategies on Elections in United States

Effect of Campaign Strategies on Elections in United States – Strategies are made to fulfill the plans and goals, mostly the campaign strategies take place to win the elections. After setting an appropriate goal, the campaign strategies are organized. In the past and present of U.S government, there are 100 of campaign strategies, which are made and then changed. In order to construct the camping strategies, understanding of candidates is very important, that how much people will caste the votes. Campaign strategies sometimes are just waste of money and time. From the history of 1980’s, after studying the political background,Effect of Campaign Strategies on Elections in United States many of the researchers said, it is found that 8%of the electorate changes their mind during the campaigns, to persuade the population so that they can change the intention of their votes, is not easy. Moreover, if proper planning and strategic campaigns take place then it could be possible. Campaigns are beneficial, which can affect the outcomes. The managers of the campaign can encourage or motivates the candidates to sustain until election days. In 1988, 1992, and 1996 the strategic campaigns have significant effect on the elections. The opponent was defeated by using momentous plans. It was explored that the predictions behind the campaigns affect the election scenario. If the voters have low information about the bash, or the bash, which do not make campaign strategies, have chances to lose because people have no information about that party. Campaigns provide the information to the voters to cast the vote and to change their decisions. The example of state of Virginia, people voted for Republican presidential candidate in every election, which held in 1968 to 2004. Same case happened in the state of Minnesota, people elected one party for years. All happened due to strategic campaigns, socialization helped people to inform their children and neighbors that which bash is better. From last seventy years, the presidential candidates are doing campaigns, which were proved effective; the campaigns visits across the U.S take place in the form of rally, from 50 years TV is also source of effective strategic campaigns. However, before that campaigns were hard. Internet now days are also helping to promote campaigns also helping to raising funds, and helping voters to choose among best. Campaign strategies are effective in every election system; in democratic process, predictions could be done for effectual campaign strategies.

In election of 1920, the campaign strategies were developed, which were broadcasts on the radio and it targeted many segments. In nineteen century, radio was political medium. The media is changed now and campaign strategies incorporated. Reaching the people and taking them in confidence is still the priority of the political campaigns. Foreign policy were again the issue in 1952, when Dwight Eisenhower was a candidate for president. His status as a World War II hero and his promise to end the Korean War helped carry Eisenhower into office in 1953. During his two-terms as president, Eisenhower withdrew troops from Korea as promised, and lived up to his own words.

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