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Economic Development Characteristics and Features

Improvement of Flow in a Community

For the flow in the community, there is the need to do the survey of the resources, so that thereEconomic Development Characteristics and Features could be the focus on among the groups that need the community of interest.  In order to do the collaboration with the community needs, there is the needs to develop the flow team, so that there could be good faith dialog on the further goals, the best market practices need to be implemented. For the continuous economic development there is need to have the past survey and the statistically related information so that the target population can be addressed and solved with the related issues, thus, there is the need to set the goals for the community and then focus should be on achieving them (Ledwith, 2011).

Economic Development Characteristics and Features

In order to solve the economic issues, their community needs to take actions so that the problems could be solved and population economic needs could be satisfied example job needs and other economical needs. For the economic development, the teams need to involve the changes in structure for the acceleration of economic growth example reduction of inequality, eradication of poverty etc. However, the governmental bodies in this way can take the step so that there could be the assessment of the existing institution’s example libraries, hospitals, colleges etc. There should focus on the economics of the country, governmental policies and other economic need, there should be a development of the competitive and necessary capabilities so that problems of the community regarding economic issues can be addressed in an effective way (Jerry W. Robinson & Green, 2011).

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