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Contemporary Theories and Models of Organizations


Organizational theories are those theories that study or observe the behavior of people when they are working in the organization. The most important factor is that the people who are working in an organization should behave well with each other because they have to work and it is better if they work in a team. To coo operate with one another in a team must be very much positively and efficiently as their behavior affects the working in the organization. As well as it affects the overall atmosphere of the organization.

In my organization as I work in the Sohar University where I am in ITS department of the university my task is to deal with the technical factors that are being utilized in the classes by the students and by the delivering of lectures in the classes from the teachers. My department behaves well with each other and corporate well with each other as a must to ensure positivity in the department as a must.

Contemporary Theories and Models of Organizations

Contemporary Theories and Models of Organizations


The report is focusing on the topic of contemporary theories in an organization that how an organization should follow these mention theories in their working behaviour as well as in their organization’s atmosphere betterment. The behaviour of the employees working in the organization should behave well with each other so that they all can perform well with each other. The innovation and creativity in any department are very much important to make that department more successful. (Rochon, 2017)

The innovation and creativity always focus on the success of the working in an organization as well as it increases the working efficiency of the employees as well as of the things or products on which an organization is working on. There may be some limitations in implementing innovative ideas and creativity in organizations that sometimes the employees are not well known of that techniques and as well as sometimes organizations do not have the facilities that could bear that innovations and creativity to be implemented best in that organization.


These theories study that how in any organization all the employees behave well as well as they act nicely to others these impacts great towards the organization atmosphere. There are many of the organizations that focus on the behaviour of the employees with each other in order to maintain the atmosphere of the organization well maintained and positive as well. Positivity is very much needed in terms of getting the great working efficiency of the organization in terms of getting perfect results in the production of the required product in which the company or organization deals in. There are many of the points that need to be maintained well and they are to be handled carefully such as communication, economics, and social and business interactions etc. These factors are must be focused on with careful observation and keenly working on them. (Carter McNamara, 2018)

As I am working in a university in it’s ITS department that deals with the technology. The technology in the educational sector is very much important and essential way to get success in the educational sector. In university or any other educational institute, technology is used to teach the students as now a day E-learning is a very important term that is making the educational effect very much positive and interest of people is increasing in taking education. There are many of the models and theories present in terms of learning the effect of good behaviour in the organization as well as their results. The innovation and creativity in the educational sector are very much impressive as it enhances the efficiency of working with teachers as well as it increases the interest of students in education as well. (Berg, 2017)

The creativity term referred to something that makes the old thing to a new one as new things when introduced they can be able to manage the workings more reliable and more effective as well as they are going to manage the results at a high rate with great success as well. The education sector needs more uniqueness, more flexibility and more creativity as the world is exploring very much and the technology needs to be managed very much efficiently and properly as well. Change is all the time impressive and beneficial for the educational sector as change allows exploring more benefits for the students that make their learning very much important and vast their minds towards a great level of imagination. (Little, 2018)

There are always placed some of the challenges for the students to increase their vision of learning and educating himself or herself. The students want to take control on many of the terms that they wanted to explore new things at their own. The more people will get creative in this sector the more they will give you the benefit of your working on creativity. The innovation results best when you explore more rooms for the discussion of the people in this sector. The more people discuss with each other the more they can transfer or share better ideas with each of them. The discussion allows exploring many of the new things in the circumstances that need to be made efficient and that is needed to be work efficiently and properly in this regard. (Elmansy, 2018)

These are part of the skills that every learner has in it the main thing is that is to explore that skills in the person in order to make its life to be lead in a unique way as well as in order to maintain the new innovations that best implement its life in terms of creativity and innovations. The more a person gets the innovation in education sector the more he or she will explore the better strategies and better ways to make their life more unique. Creativity comes from mind if your mind is creative then you can create the best new things on your own as well. (Markham, 2018)


In the nutshell, we can say that at university’s ITC department there are many of the news and unique teaching strategies and equipment have been introduced that has made the learning skills of the students very much polished and very much better as they are taking keen interest in learning new skills and implementing their creative ideas in that learning. The leaning is making now a day very much easy that the learning tutorial and learning apps have been introduced in this sector. The small kids that are going to get the education now will find very much difficulty in this matter that they have to learn from the start. As they do not know what to do. Now many of the learning tutorials have been introduced that they had made this issue very much easy for the teachers to teach new learners with efficiency. (Pickering, 2018)

The more easy way is also introduced for the new learners is that they are given the tabs in their hands and by listening to the work they not only learn it well but also understand it well. The more they love to learn it the better they will get understand that points and make the learning and their concept clearance in a positive way. The creativity is essential to be placed in every educational institution as they are making the life of learners very much easy and now the apps have all the access of the students towards the educational material and to them, it is very much easy to get all the material that is needed for them to learn. (Elmansy, 2018)


The creativity and the innovation in the educational sector are very much important to be considered keenly and as well as in order to make the learning very much essential and easy they need to make it more secure for you. The new technologies that have been introduced into the education sector needs a lot of budget as well as they needs a proper method that needs to be learn in an efficient and great manner as if they are not learned in a proper way then they are not going to give you the best results which are necessary to be providing in the working premises of the educational sector. The more improved ways of implementing the creativity in your sector is to first learn the techniques and then to implement them in learning at your institute of education.

The behavior of the employees with each other is very much important to be in appositive way as they are going to manage the overall working of the organization so that if they are not co-operative with each other than this situation will affect badly at the working progress of the education on the students and on the teachers as well who are going to teach it to the students. The behavior of each member of the sector is compulsory to be positive and as well as it improves the working efficiency of the organization or any other sector as well.

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