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Comparison between The Yellow Wallpaper and A Rose for Emily

Compare and contrast of “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman and “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner

The writer in the William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily” and the writer in the Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper” have described the influence of manpower in the society. The readers of the stories may consider that the stories are totally crazy because there is focus on the difficult time adjusting of women and there are many changes related to the struggles of being women. However, in “The Yellow Wallpaper” and the “A Rose for Emily” there is focus on the women and the society that how women can face the postpartum depression while sacrificing in the society.

“The Yellow Wallpaper” and “A Rose for Emily” both stories related to the women as there are love and rejection for them and there is focus on the overbearing that women are considering in the own delusional world. The stories focused on the isolation and insanity; there is the combination of love, hate, issues. The insanity and isolation of women are described as the women are under pressure to men. There is the feeling of women of being isolated; however, in the “The Yellow Wallpaper” there is the description of the women, who is in pain, as her husband, leaves her in confinement or pain in the room. The woman immerses herself, she faces issues and lonely in a room.

William Faulkner’s and Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s described the situations of the women in the society or in their home, as they are not given the authority to make decisions in their homes, the stories focus on the increasingly severe relations that can be there when men try to influence on the women. The wallpaper is described in the poem because it was there to facilitate the oppressive situation of the women, the wallpaper created the negative thoughts and expressions in her.

However, on the other hand, Emily isolated herself from the society because the people around her or the surrounding people judged her. “The Yellow Wallpaper” focuses on the women, as she was studying the wallpaper and there was the pattern that she looked for the hours. There was the twist and turns in the story, as the women were obsessed with figuring. “The Yellow Wallpaper” the woman was described in the cage as she was tormented by her husband and there was the lack of sympathy.

The women were in a great pressure, for her there was no life. Moreover, in the story “A Rose for Emily”, there was the description of the other women and Emily’s father, she was forced or influenced by her father.  In an “A Rose for Emily” there was the love and interest of the daughter that dictate her life and in the story, there was the description and the dominance of men, as the women were dominated by her own husband.

“A Rose for Emily” describes the character, Emily, that she does not believe that her father died, there was the father’s control which does not allows her to make the decisions of her own life. Such dominance of both the men in the stories, described that women are inferior to men, as in the stories, “A Rose for Emily” and “The Yellow Wallpaper” the father and husband has the command on women and thus, they were unable to take the decisions.

William Faulkner’s and Charlotte Perkins Gilman are made the impressive tune for the depressed woman in the society as the stories describe that both women were isolated. These short stories made the reader able to feel the importance or status of men and women in the society, there is description of the ill woman and the women who are not happy in the society. Both the writer seem to be the female protagonists, as they describe the story in a great way, the stories describe the experience the time that the seclusion leading made the women ill or crazy for the society.

Men in the “The Yellow Wallpaper” and the “A Rose for Emily” do not allow the women to think based on the different situations women become mad are they were unable to describe the individualism in the society or tell other that who are they, there was no self- realization.  The stories described the insanity and isolation of women. The literature of the stories illustrate about the experiences that the women faced in the societies or could face due to the dominance of the men related to them, example, in the stories there are the dominance of the father and husbands, however, the men associated with women can be dominant because they can pressurize on influence women.

Miss Emily character was focused as she recluse from the people or townspeople; she isolated herself from the town her whole character and the story structure described as the gloom and darkness. The women in the stories are fatty ridges, there are the descriptions of the troubles of women and the major influence of the male is shown on the women as it is the male-dominated society. Women oppression is focused on describing the overbearing of both the characters because they made the women feel them selfless important for themselves and the society, through the male influences both the women were physically and emotionally isolated from the society.

The efforts of an author can be seen that how they are showing the working or women and men to sustain in the society, as “The Yellow Wallpaper” and the “A Rose for Emily” focus on the women and the society. The stories focused on the isolation and insanity there is the combination of love, hate or the issues. The woman’s emotions are described as she is living in the “cage” and her husband is keeping her there forcefully, those yellow lines become her fate and she was tortured emotionally or physically.

Consequently, Miss Emily has faced the tensions from the society when a father died. The oppressive situation of the women is described. There was the description of the women love that how they considered the love of the men there to protect them and do what they say or bounded by the influence of men. In the stories, there were the lacks of sympathy by the men, as the violence was displayed with the insane actions.

Thus, the male domination played with the woman’s emotions and they were physically or mentally abused so that they unable to focus on themselves, the model of the woman’s oppression is shown in the stories as the women become so sensitive and men become very powerful and dominating. Women had the sense the word, Emily had the toiletry set and in Yellow Wallpaper, women retreats physically. Thus the legal trouble is there and the writers make the reader feel the scene as the narrator through persuaded or telling them the women journey into insanity.

The product of male influences is described and the major focus is to determine the emotions of characters. In the “The Yellow Wallpaper” and the “A Rose for Emily” both the women become victims of the male domination and there was the combination of the feelings of love and the hate. “Love and Hate” is described as the male domination and the female emotions. The stories described the role of men as the gender (specifically, femininity) influenced its love or hate through the repression.

Both the writer make the sophisticated or intelligent sense that how women are treated and how men influence themselves on their personalities, the characters like husband and father demonstrates Emily’s and the women The Yellow Wallpaper who was in the care of depression.  “The Yellow Wallpaper” and the “A Rose for Emily” describes the ideas of love and there is the hate of men or the women through repression.

There were the fearful feelings of women as described by the William Faulkner’s and Charlotte Perkins Gilman and the threatening expression to female emotions made the reader able to focus on the patterns of the society regarding the gender roles because both the stories are little crazy and focus on the clear place of women and men in the culture or society. The male influences can be seen with the occasional feelings of the love and eh a story relates to determining emotions. Male repression could be explained as the biggest dominating influence and it is the reason of the female repression in the society.

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