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Brighter Cleaning Company Marketing Plan Strategy

Brighter Cleaning Company

More luminous Cleaning Company is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The business employs 100 staff and has more than ten years of experience. The amount of employees and experience puts the Brighter Cleaning Company in a position to manage customers of any scale. The primary goal of Brighter Cleaning Company is to supply the companies around the cleaning products. In some parts of Ohio, the company offers products: Defiance, Bryan, Plymouth, Peru, Lima, Napoleon, Celina, and Coldwater. Many places that have gained attention from the company’s products are Auburn, Marion, Angola Bluffton, and Fort Wayne, to name only a few.

The Brighter Cleaning Company provides janitorial supplies, cleaning tools, furniture, and floor goods. Cleaning supplies and housekeeping appliances help keep the offices tidy and free of germs. The products can be divided into three main areas: machinery, paper products, and chemical cleaning. Specifications outcomes include brooms, brushes, dustpans, chemicals, dust mops, dusters, and cleaning pads. Additional other products are the floor and the chairs, the carts, the book, the rags, and the wipes. The Brighter Cleaning Company also offers receptacles, personal care, trash bags, liners, and replacement parts for recycling equipment.

Brighter Cleaning Company Marketing Plan Strategy

Branding Strategy

Branding is one of the primary considerations for improving any business ‘ performance, irrespective of its size, B2B, or retail. The successful branding cycle gives the company a cutting edge through market competitiveness. To put it clearly, a business brand is like a guarantee to business clients that the company is eager and able to stick to the proposed brand requirements. A brand informs clients what to expect from the established goods and services.

According to Sheth (2011), it is essential to note that this is always derived from the daily activities in which the company is involved in making the business brand. It explains what the market is all about, who it wants to become as soon as possible, as well as the kind of image it wants its clients to perceive. Before that, it offers the path the business managers should take to hit the destination outlined in the brand name (Sheth 2011). The downside of having a strong brand is that it also becomes a container to build and store the goodwill and the company’s image. A successful brand name for any business helps its clients to have useful material reminders that reinforce the identity of those particular companies, which encourages repeat businesses.


Pricing Strategy

After products and services have been developed, the final step before releasing it to the market for the customers to buy is pricing. Favourable prices are known to be effective competitive strategies for businesses, who are often striving to create and consolidate their market share. Myers (1976) explains that pricing can simply be described as the process by which businesses use in determining what they receive in exchange for the goods and services that they create. Some of the factors that determine the pricing process for the products manufactured include competition, company brand, manufacturing costs as well as the quality standards that have been followed in the manufacture of those goods and services.

Pricing for a business’ goods is an essential component of the marketing mix, making part of the 4ps, with the others being place, product, and promotion. Among these marketing mix elements, price is the only one that generates income, with the rest being centred on costs. However, it is essential to realize that the other 4ps play a significant role in reducing price elasticity, thus enabling price increases that drive the profits and revenues of the business to great heights.

Distribution Strategy

According to Kotler & Levy (1969), distribution is an essential process in the business’s marketing aspects; it helps to bridge the aspect of place utility, by enabling consumers to get the goods at the most convenient time. One of the essential elements of distribution is the marketing mix, which is a place. By proper placement, a business can easily ensure that products and services are made available to consumers and other users at the time they need them. The process of effective distribution is managed by both direct and indirect means, where intermediaries play a crucial role.

A business needs to ensure that it examines the costs involved in managing a successful distribution process such that if indirect means seem to be costly, then it can opt for direct ways. Distribution plays a significant role in the business because it helps to deliver the level of satisfaction, which is needed for the goods and services and services that are made by the company (Kotler & Levy 1969). The distribution process, when effectively managed, enables producers to produce new goods when the other has been delivered to the consumers.


Brighter Cleaning Company has decided to venture into an industry that is valued at about 46 billion US dollars. The industry has been fast expanding in the recent past, with many companies that have been set up with many franchises. This means that the business environment has become very competitive; nevertheless, a business is always distinguished by the kind of service that it develops (Kohn & Kohn 2009). This means that with proper pricing, distribution, and marketing approaches, the company can manage to create a successful business that can match the already established stores.

Some of the competitors that the business stands to face include Vanguard Cleaning Systems, which has about 1,734 franchises in the US. The company was established in 1984 and had been expanding rapidly, to reach many of the other states in the US and other countries. There is also the Jan-Pro franchising, which also offers cleaning services and hence a significant competitor to Brighter cleaning Company. The company’s success ahs sen it creates more than 10,000 units in Canada and the United States, which explains why it is also a big competitor that Brighter Company needs to beat.   

Competitor Differentiation Strategy

In managing the competition from the above and other companies in the United States, Brighter Company needs to make an environmental analysis in understanding some of the best approaches that it can use in being successful. The company needs to devise competitive strategies that will ensure it not only becomes successful in this venture but also it should have the ability to stay in the industry for the long haul (Shocker, Bayus & Kim 2004). Therefore, conducting market research will play a significant role in ensuring that a Brighter cleaning company gets to know the competitive elements that it needs to put in place in achieving the successes that are required.

Macro-Environmental Analysis 

  • Legal

In the company’s macro-environmental study, an examination of the legal environment is geared towards ensuring that the company some of the policies and regulations in different states and how they affect their operations. Some of the relevant legal considerations that the company can check on are the taxation policies, employment laws, and provision as well as pricing aspects (Field & Swift 2014). This environment keeps changing, something that the company should adequately consider to remain unbeaten in its operations

  • Technological

Brighter Clearing Company has the responsibility to ensure that it leverages on the advancements in technology, which are increasingly becoming competitive advantages for companies that use them, the company should consider using these technologies in some of its business management processes and functions like marketing and research among others. The use of these aspects will play a leading role in ensuring that the company keeps the shifts in the market climate are immediate.

  • SocioStructural

Socio structural aspects for Brighter Cleaning Company involve creating proper structures by which the company staff can interact and relate well to the success of the company. It also means creating a work environment where the team can freely share information and ideas on social and work-related matters. This process ensures that the workplace encourages the sharing of ideas, which increases efficiency and effectiveness in work practices.

  • Economic

Changes in the economic environment affect the functioning of many businesses. Brighter Cleaning Company must examine how some of these changes can affect its performance. For instance, changes in foreign exchange policies can enable the company to understand its expansion policies to other countries. Changes in taxation can also provide advantages of the company in terms of getting the resources needed for business growth and expansion.

Market Research

For all businesses, market research is a necessary process that enables them to understand and manage competition and other essential business processes and functions. For Brighter Cleaning Company, Market research will be useful in understanding some of the competitive factors like changes in cleaning strategies for different surfaces and places, competitor strategies, among others. And the company has to make sure it does invest in this process effectively for its future success and performance

Strategy Implementation

Strategic implementation is often done after a successful strategic planning process, which examines the different aspects by which a company develops and managed its competitive environment effectively. Brighter Cleaning Company, in its approaches, needs to empower its staff to have strategic planning and forecasting of the company’s future before rolling out its services. The company needs to ensure that it manages the competitive environment, which is characterized by the presence of other successful companies that have been in operation for a long time. The success of this process can ensure that the company becomes successful, competing for a significant market share in the industry.

Media Tools

Media tools can be used by the company in its marketing approaches. This may include examining some of the tools that are frequently used by people in their communication. Currently, the use of social media seems to be a leveraging point for most companies, which are rushing to create platforms for marketing and advertisements on these platforms. Therefore, Brighter Cleaning Company needs to ensure that it follows suit by developing similar or more advanced marking approaches using these and other media tools.

Standards and Controls

Reasonable standards and controls are essential in developing the necessary quality measures for the company. Establishing these quality standards and controls can be a competitive advantage, which is supposed to strive for establishing itself as the greatest giant in the industry. Many clients often drive n by the desire for quality, something that underpins the need for these factors in Brighter Cleaning Company’s services

Performance Standards

The creation of performance standards at the company will ensure that its staff performs to those particular expectations, which will increase their competitiveness and success. In many companies, performance standards are often developed to ensure that their team follows them effectively towards enhancing their performance. Therefore, Brighter Company needs to ensure that it follows suit by creating practical performance standards, which can, in turn, become competitive advantages for the company.

Monitory Methods

The development of monitory methods will help the company in establishing the right approaches towards pricing for the company’s services. In doing this, the company will create effective strategies by which it will reach out to new clients, thus creating and consolidating its market share.

Financial Controls

Financial management is an essential aspect of business performance, which ensures practical approaches for businesses. The success of this business cycle will play a vital leading role for Brighter Cleaning Company in ensuring that the company is successful in controlling its expenses and revenue. Part of that is ensuring that the most efficient way of avoiding waste is by financial planning.

Potential Performance

The organization will rely on the ability it has in its human resources and strategic management strategies to identify the best approaches to achieving its defined objectives and goals. It is essential to realize that the success of any company does not necessarily depend on the strategies that it has developed but its implementation, in this regard, the company should use its human resources in executing the procedures it develops

Integrated Marketing Communications

Brighter Cleaning Company should ensure that it grows and streamline sits communicational strategies in order to achieve the set goals and objectives. The company should use, among other things, various aspects of social media in their communicational approaches, which have so far become the most used communicational strategies.


It is essential to realize that the liberalization of the economy in many countries is causing the rise of many companies that offer different products for people. This means that for cleaning companies like Brighter Cleaning, the opportunities for growth and success are many. The company needs to ensure that it creates an effective branding strategy, which will beat the already created brands in the industry.

According to Shocker, Bayus & Kim (2004), since consumers have been accustomed to other companies, many others are still eager and willing to try new companies in the hope that they can offer better products and services compared to those already existing in the industry. In this regard, the company’s chances of success seem to be intact. Therefore, business marketers need to create effective branding and marketing strategies, which can ensure that products and services shall be made available to the company its customers at the most convenient times when needed.

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