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Audio Company Marketing Plan

Our marketing team is the most important department of all. They play their role in promoting our audio sounds and their quality in the market.

Our main goal is to have the audible sound rooms where recording can be heard clearly. As a recording studio, we have developed different strategies by studying how our clients want a sound. Therefore, for upcoming songs and movies, we have prepared our team for it. Our main achievement is to provide the best design to our sounds a very reasonable rates that fit any client. Wembley goals are not just giving sound designing and improved sound quality but also working on multiple projects. We will be having a green screening as we know that this thing is essential for filmmakers. However, moderns cameras will be used in these projects. Not only providing the best sound but mixing them and editing them according to client choice. The marketing plan will be lead by the Marketing director. Though in this plan, we will discuss our advertising strategy, publicity, and how we have promoted our audio company.

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Marketing Plan​​ 

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Marketing Strategy


Marketing Mix

  • Product

  • Pricing

  • Promotion

  • Process

  • Place


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Marketing campaign

  • Marketing Communication

  • Publicity



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Legal implications

  • Copy​​ wright​​ 

  • license

  • Solutions




Marketing Strategy

We have planned a long-term strategy to achieve a competitive advantage in the market. We have evaluated the target market and have formulated it with the goals of the future. We have made​​ policies to achieve these goals. And for that, we have done task scheduling and budgeting.


Marketing Mix


We are providing quality products and services. We have perfect studios for recording, mixing, and mastering. All the​​ recordings are sold on DVDs/CDs. The focus is Mass production. We are offering sound designing, which will create auditory elements through audio production. It is done for Foley. Foley is special effects in the sound. The best sound is designing in filmmaking when the audience doesn't notice. ​​ Thus we will create ambient sounds. There will be a proper foley stage and foley studio too. For example, action movies need visual and sound effects, the more as the actors are not fighting in real. Even when actors​​ record dialogues, there are effects that are added.

Automatic dialogue replacement is an essential feature in which mixing and re-recording is done, which helps to get a balanced sound as dubbings are often used for international movies changing them into​​ different languages. Therefore besides these services, we help prepare and transfer them into many​​ copies; this is mastering. As we have mastering skills, we give an equalization sound.


Green Screening


Filmmakers looked for green screening when they assigned any contract. It will become more comfortable, covering all the camera problems, recording audio, and editing them. Hollywood cinema has focused on green screening, and Wembley has planned to do this. The green screen method is unique in many ways. Our team will professionally use a green screen technique to capture all the steps of sound frequencies. It will provide the basic idea to clients about the process


Per hour recording in our studio will be charged £60, which is quite reasonable nowadays with all these features in our studio, which we are providing to enhance the sound. We divided different expenses into advertising expenses, publications, and marketing through flyers and posters.



The first key is promoting our services in the market. We are providing restoration services, which will be easier for film producers to use. We make quality sound, and then we encourage it via television. We are working on a clear voice, and we plan to provide original sound and music. We are also​​ going on a campaign to promote our recording services. Mass media communication is a must.



Through all, the first step will be bringing our clients and talking with them directly about what they want. Then our supervisors will take all the recording steps to make a better sound design.



The place which is selected is quite accessible, and the recording services and we are providing distribution services.


Marketing Campaign

Marketing Communication

Wembley knows that without​​ advancement and proper communication with clients, then there is no promotion. Through campaigns, we have our marketing team, which connects themselves with every client in different locations. When some of our outlets show that this area is interested a lot more than others, we send our managers there to bring customers. We will communicate with our customers. On the other hand, We hold a position in the Market while sharing positively with our competitors. Marketers​​ brainstorm ideas together, but ultimately each person is responsible for their role. Whoever is less determined about a particular point of difference eventually concedes to the other. Communication through skype, Facebook, or different media has turned out to be critical methods for correspondence. Even though various techniques for posts that aren't identified merely with online networking, individuals can likewise be massively affected by their associates. This procedure is known as social intercession. Promoting Communication Platforms are a​​ ground-breaking ability to customize and consume advertising substances in a robotized form, given the profile of the beneficiaries.


The publicity department may likewise be alluded to as PR or press relations. Marketing specialists​​ depend vigorously on their contacts in media and may center around only one territory, for example, daily papers, sites, TV, or radio.

Our Marketing specialist's business to liaise amongst names and artists and the media to attempt and get collection audits, profiles of the band, and surveys of live shows. By investing in creating a sustainable funnel rather than scraping together one-off marketing campaigns, labels will regain a unique value.


Target Market

Our Target market isn't that age and sex; particular, it is gone for groups and artists. Additionally, free record names from different foundations and socioeconomics with plans to incorporate visual businesses such as film and video witch all give us a wide variety of work processes with the additional​​ favorable position of an up-close and personal contact giving, even more, an individual touch.



We have spent on advertising the most to promote our brand. Thirdly, we have distributed our videos at a very reasonable cost of £30, which will​​ help every producer mark us up for any movie, song, or event.

Legal Implications


Copy Right​​ 

Copyrights secure music and other unique works of creation. Enlisting copyright for a bit of music enables the writer or musician to look for money related harms​​ and lawyers' charges from any individual who utilizes the work in a restricted or unapproved way. Music organizations ordinarily oversee copyrights for composed books, while record names deal with the copyrights for sound chronicles.


The distribution of music is a wide area that integrates increasing new music, music security, and music estimation advancement. Music distributors help writers cope with the business components of distributing and encourage artisans to focus on producing new works. Music distributors are looking for new specialists, enrolling new jobs, producing demo accounts and other limited-time materials, licencing duplicate or print music, obtaining commissions for modern craftsmen, screening music use, making specialists sovereignty instalments, and making legal proceedings against people who use music without a permit. Organizations that sell music depend on the delivery of legislation to guarantee their interests in arrangers and musicians. On the off chance that the unique works of music didn't fit the copyright insurance bill, it is difficult to prevent others from using these works for benefit. Music distributors will not have the option of searching for harms against people who use specific music parts without the correct licences without copyright insurance. The music distributing industry is administered by a few rules. These laws include open exhibition eminences, remote interpretation authorizations, record bargains, outside money received from exhibits and collections, and sheet music print licences.




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Budgeting Cost

Marketing Cost

Amount in £


£ 2000


£ 10


£ 395

Video Distribution

£ 30



Target Market

Green Screening


Highlights of Studio


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