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Alcohol Patient Case Study Analysis

Case Study Answers

The first fact about Casey is that she has depression and anxiety. Second, Casey has developed symptoms of alcoholism. She has been drinking too much to the extent that the behavior has been a source of disagreement with her partner, Angie. Last, Casey and Angie are lesbians. Considering the facts mentioned above, one of the most remarkable issues emerging in Casey’s situation is alcoholism. Although Angie has also increased the quantity of alcohol she takes, Casey’s rate of drinking has been higher. Lesbianism is also an issue of concern in that case given that it is disapproved by many people in the society. Casey is dealing with problems of depression and anxiety. Casey’s drinking can be classified as delta alcoholism, which involves developing tolerance to alcohol, inability to abstain from drinking, adaptive cell metabolism, craving and withdrawal. She has also been engaging in reactive drinking.  A notable positive aspect of Casey’s situation is that she has been working full time even though she has a drinking problem. Her strength is reflected in the ability to openly express herself as being a lesbian.

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