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Leaders are Born not Made Summary


Leadership could be defined as the exercise of influence, so that others could perform their goals efficiently. However, leaders are the person, who have some attributes and talent, through which they can lead organization and the human force. To understand the people or group members is the most important thing. The things or tasks need to be according to person capability of understanding. A need to be efficient, however, to explain this there is a Great Man theory that leaders are not born they are made, because the people inherit some of the qualities and traits, and are able to perform the leadership skill effectively. Moreover, another behavioral theory supports that leaders are made not born, as the theory says that people become an effective leaders if they are given proper training, taught skills and through provide them learning and observation skill they can have opportunities.

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Behavioral theory have the logic, as the man can taught certain things, and one can learn set ofLeaders are Born not Made Summary skills, through training and new perceptions can be given, through practice and experience the skills can be refined. However, to become a effective and efficient leader; a leader need to understand all the aspect, as a leader should know that who is the right person for the task, or what is the right place or right time. Location as well the environment can also enhance leadership skills, as if the leader have the courage and do not afraid of the things, have willingness and feel responsibilities than leader can be structure the environment according to him. A leadership is often a choice, sometimes the leaders have the inborn abilities, which they fails to recognize, so through the proper training they become able to understand the skill, an able to know that how things can be done in better way. Leaders need to have so many attributes, including, integrity visionary, positive attitude, effective team building, coordination effective communication, intelligence. Some of these attributes, like intelligence and positive attitude can be inborn but other attributes like visionary, win-win situations; effective team building can be taught or one can gain the skill with time.


While concluding, it can be say that leader are made not born because, there are some attributes, which can be taught through training and or gain with the experiences, however, some attributes can be inborn, but there is skill need to refine and encourage them through given proper training. Behavioral theory can be supported in this way, as it promotes the set of learning. Good and bad things are need to be clear, even if a person has attributes, sometime he don’t know how to use them. Every person born with the qualities, education and experience can enhance the attributes or skills, a leader should have the basic understanding, as the social intelligence cannot be teach but motivations, practice, experience and mentoring can be there, which one gain with the exposure of things. Training could play an important role, because no leader can perform effectively, if the things are not clear to him.

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