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The Kimball Restaurant Case Study Solution

IntroductionThe Kimball Restaurant Case Study Solution

The Kimball’s Restaurant is a family owned business that has been doing well in the past but Tyler has realized that the business needs new strategies to remain competitive in the industry. The restaurant uses a traditional paper system to record and track revenue, purchases, and sales. The company does not have a system that can give up-to-date information concerning its financial position. Therefore, the troubled business needs to be streamlined information system that will help to offer better services to its customers. The management also needs a system that can help them track business transactions and provide simplified financial statements for better decision making.

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Question 1.

The Kimball’s restaurant uses a traditional business model which does not recognize the importance of new technology to enhance its performance and increase customer satisfaction. Tyler has to concentrate on how to offer good services by adopting the right technology to increase convenience in the restaurant. I recommend the following to be adopted by the restaurant to enhance processes efficiency in the business.

The restaurant has to adopt technology that will speed up ordering processes. The utilization of technology will speed up and simplify the ordering process. Tyler will have to introduce a management system that will transmit orders made at the point of sale (POS) direct to the kitchen where it will be displayed on the screen and printed. This system will make services quicker, increase accuracy and reduce the risk of making errors in the kitchen. The servers will be able to deal with complicated orders and include special modifications without confusion. The waiters will be able to offer flexible table services and more diners will be served and checks collected. Servers will have time to collect all checks and take them to the cashier because all orders will be billed at the POS.

The back office needs to adopt a management system that will give accurate and up to date management information from all departments in the restaurant. An integrated management information system will help Tyler to have up to date information concerning suppliers, stock, and debtors. He will be able to track down all the restaurant’s expenses such as payroll and other expense. The system will enable the company to run its activities from a central location.

I recommend the restaurant to build a website or a social site page where it can showcase its brand to reach a wide market. The restaurant will be able to reach more potential customers from social sites by sharing with them valuable and practical information about their brand hence increases sales.

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Question 2:

The management needs up-to-date information to help him make betters management decision. He needs to adopt a system which can accounts for customers’ orders, track inventory and time and pay employees. Therefore, a paper-based method is inefficient and cannot be relied upon to enhance business processes. Kimball needs to purchase a software package or a system that will be designed to automate all business processes. Therefore, Kimball Restaurant will be able to track inventory, make re-order for items when they get low, manage accounts receivable and payables as well as managing all expenses. An automated system will help the company to get accurate costing information on purchases, sales, utility, and expenses. When this information is readily available in the company management system they will be able to determine the desired profit margins to price their dishes appropriately.

The restaurant needs to automate all its menus to enhance kitchen performance as well as improving communication.  The system will enhance management communication because waiters will not necessarily need to write down orders not move to the kitchen because the order will be electronically transmitted from the point of sale.

I recommend the restaurant adopt a point of sale (POS) system to improves services and increase convenience. The POS system will help Kimball’s to serve correct orders made by the customers on time and increase customers’ satisfaction. An integrated management system program which uses Excel concept will help the restaurant to have real-time information that is useful for decision-making process.


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