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Peapod Case Study Solution

 Peapod Case Study SolutionIntroduction

Peapod has capitalized on using innovative technologies as its main competitive advantages over its competitors. The grocery store has automated its operation to improve online sales by offering competitive services to its customers. The enterprise uses virtual walls for branding and advertising its services to the public. The Peapod has a mobile app where shoppers orders for groceries which are delivered the following day. The online grocery has changed the consumers’ behaviors by offering them the following advantages.

Benefits of using the Peapod online services to shoppers

Saving time

Online grocery saves shoppers a lot of time since they do not need to walk all the way to the market and move from one store to the others since the app breaks the physical barriers. The shoppers enjoy the laxity to shop at any time they wish. The online platform provided 24/7 services and shoppers can place their orders at any given time and goods will be delivered to them at the door step. The delivery services offered at a premium by Peapod saves the shopper a trip to the physical store to collect the groceries. Therefore, shoppers save time as well as the gas money (Anesbury et al., 2015).

Reduction of unnecessary spending

Most people engage in impulse buying which actually results in unnecessary spending when they go to the market for shopping. Peapod online shopping help customers to reduce impulse buying since customers order only what they require in the house. Shoppers go the groceries on empty stomach and end up adding junk food on their shopping buckets.

Peapod ease shoppers’ experience

Shoppers are no longer in need to drive all the way to the market and move around stores looking for the best deal while they can use a click on a button option. A single click will offer them different varieties and options to choose from and make a purchase without much hustle. Therefore, a Peapod grocery offers its customer exceptional shopping experience since they only need to a single click and their purchases are delivered at their convenient address.

Online shoppers experience defile any limiting boundaries since even people with impairment or disabilities have an equal chance to shop at any given time. Therefore, Peapod grocery online services offer convenience to all customers despite their limitations.  Conventional physical groceries stores are not accessible to all people and disabled people who use wheel chairs may not be able to enjoy their services compared to online shopping.

Benefits of online shopping at Peapod over average groceries

The shoppers can order their groceries at any time of the day or night but it is not possible to do so at an average groceries. Average groceries have a scheduled opening and closing time which means customers can only buy during the open hours. Online shopping creates convenience to shoppers because they don’t have to mingle with crowds at grocery stores. The customers save a lot of time because online shopping helps them avoid traffic, queuing and hassles for a parking lot in the market. Therefore, online shopping saves time, money and energy. It is very convenient when the shopper has ordered for heavy items since they will be delivered at the door step.


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