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E-Recruitment System Case Study Analysis

E-Recruitment System 

BAT telecom started its services from about one and a half year. It was the time of company when HR management of the company in its incubation period. There were about 1500 employees in the company—the plans to increase the strength of employees until 15000. At seven different metro offices, the company had an excellent method of rolling out a PAN network in India. At the starting, about 500 employees were hired for every quarter. The total number of divisions were about ten; data centres, wireline, wireless, national long distance, broadband, business support systems, decision support systems and support functions having several employees from 40 to 50 but support processes had a more considerable number of employees.

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  1. What issues did the recruiters face before the implementation, and how did they tide over the old system?

The company wants to recruit new employees, but it had been found that loose company record of CVs from the candidates interviewed last week. It was the plan that one business group might interview the other business group can hire a candidate. The first issue that recruiters are facing is confusion and chaos because of a large number of groups. This is leading BAT telecom to create confusion with the HR management and facing trouble in managing a bulk of CVs from candidates. There was poor coordination between recruiters as the database was maintained in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

The second issue before the recruitment is a large number of CVs from 5000 candidates per month tricked by emails, hard copies or send by candidates interested in the jobs. It was hard for them to manage about 5000 CVs and to select 1000 to 1200 candidates for the positions. This large number of CVs from candidates was troublesome for recruiters, and they took pressure in this way.

E-Recruitment System Analysis

As times passed, that bulk of CVs was got increased so much that the recruiters were finding it so hard to manage and keep track of all candidates. There is no doubt that it was a massive mistake by recruiters because they did it in a very wrong way. According to the case study, it was no less than a nightmare for the recruiters to file the CV of an interviewed candidate. It was a challenge for recruiters to deal with a CV for hours.

  1. What are the critical messages for recruiters?

It is a message for recruiters to implement a very different way of recruitment which could be hurdle free. There is no doubt that E-recruitment is only a way by which a considerable number of candidates can be recruited without thinking about the tensions of tracking their CVs. By this way, they could be able to maintain an exceptionally OK record of candidates which can be tracked easily. This type of recruitment may lead the company to have a good reputation because it could let the company to not waste time in following CVs. Each applicant could be appointed with a well-managed schedule. The administration of the company could work with consistency to increase the efficiency of the groups.

E-recruitment uses technology which is also beneficial for not having hard copies of CVs. E-recruitment could minimize the cost required for hiring candidates in recruitment. BAT telecom should be oriented to this way to make everything easy. It is also a very effective way of engaging people in a company. BAT telecom usually needed a long process for hiring candidates for their functional groups. Still, if they could implement E-recruitment, then they would able to save their time and money. Clear communication between candidates and recruiters could be possible without having many tensions in tracking CVs. The Internet made this world a global village on which anyone can access any data. Recruitment on the Internet includes versatile options, including ad posing for jobs, applying to companies, seeking response and communication about a job interview. These essential steps could be done with the help of the Internet that should be adopted by BAT telecom employers. It let employers of the company appoint their candidates for respective jobs rapidly. They can set a criterion by which a candidate can be assigned without the evaluation of human. The artificial intelligence technology can detect the right person; then, he should be interviewed for further process. Once it may be done, the system will be able to identify them according to the need of the job.

It is a green solution which doesn’t require any paper or pencil. It maintains the record in the soft form in a computer system. For this purpose, there is less physical space needed to keep a record. BAT telecom may have an integrated approach by which it can assess candidates with an end-to-end encrypted process. In the past, the recruitments were taken by papers, but now technology has made everything very convenient, which must have used by this telecom company. High-quality assessments in fair means could be possible even. The other responsibilities which were done for the vigilance of candidates may also be minimized. The eligible students could easily be filtered, and the company could only focus on them for their selections. By implementing this method, the company may not need to coordinate much with other departments because of clear and prominent eligibility of selective candidates. It plays a vital role in saving funds which a company raise for physical recruitments. In a recruitment process, the company pays for halls and other physical facilities as well as the employers who conduct recruitments must be paid with fees because they are referring a candidate for the company. If using technology, such type of costs could be saved. You may not need to pay a sign-on bonus or any extra fee for this process. Giving advertisements in newspapers also takes money which could be avoided by BAT telecom if using e-recruitment. The company could boost its recruitment on social media and other stations, which requires no or significantly less money which is almost negligible.

Instead of having a lot of CVs or resumes in hand to assess them for the best, it could be possible to let artificially intelligent computer systems to figure out which candidate is the perfect one. It is promising to find a candidate in this way because computers decide everything on fair means according to your requirements. There are various recruitment platforms on the Internet which could be used. These platforms analyze candidates according to their qualification and their assessment. These programs are also helpful in advertisements as they automatically send mails to respective candidate eligible for the recruitment.

Another main benefit that could be availed by BAT telecom was they can access to a wide range of audience. While recruiting in universities, colleges or technical institutes; company reached to a limited number of students every time spending time and money for each visit. By recruiting online, this company could be able to grasp a considerable number of candidates without occupying space, spending money or giving time. Anyone could be able to appear in recruitment because in the world of today, the Internet is for everyone, and we are in the age of technology.

By analyzing the flaws of physician recruitment, we can say that BAT telecom had a terrible choice of recruitment. They needed to go for E-recruitment to avoid a lot of disturbances company faced in selecting a candidate. These are some key messages for BAT telecom, and it will be sure that the company will consider e-recruitment very well next time.


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