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Causes of Battered Woman Syndrome

Causes of Battered Women Syndrome – Introduction:

Battered women are those women who are mentally and physically disturb or hurt over a long period of time. From their Husbands or other male person dominant in her life. Some main characteristics of battered women are constant fear, perceived inability to escape and helplessness. Battered women syndrome was describe in 1990 in case of many murder cases in England. Many feminist groups like justice for women and Southall Black sisters who claim the legal definition of provocation and a series of appeals against murders convictions. Battered women syndrome was not a legal defense but may legally constitute: diminished responsibility, insanity, self-defense by using reasonable degree of violence and provocation. As part of Violence against Women act in 1994, United States congress ordered proper and detailed investigation as battered women syndrome experts testimony verifies the usefulness and validity.

Causes of battered woman: Battered women are mostly belong to home from where they complain and lead them into adult relationship and not concern their voice. Those men become the wife batterers who seen in their houses wife battering with their mothers. In the united states, millions of cases of battering appear every year and become a major problem in overall united states. No any person not bound to marry with the victim of battering. Same sex couple also face these problems. A battered wife may relate to any status, any religion or any educational background.

There is no direct issue but battering women is an organic behavior. No any wife or any other reason to beat any person in this situation. The main thing is that victims may not blame any other person so that’s not their fault. Whatever the batterers say about the victim. In any relationship, there is normally follow a pattern to wife battering. That phase includes a wife battering episode, a honeymoon phase where there is a respite and a tension building phase. In the tension building phase, wife normally, work as eggshells around the batterer and know very well about the tension building situation. Small and very little things are consider very important to mad the batterer as related to its food.these type of minors issue may create the tension of relationships. The tension is belonging to most acute battering episode eventually. The battering may have slap or a little push but also include broken bones or more worst. Batterer try not to receive any health care to the victim against its injuries and threaten victim that they not try to tell anyone about this worse behavior. When acute battering is going to over, then batterer try to improve its behavior and some time it became very much different in their behavior so that they can make their self-better and improved in terms of behaving well with the wives. This act is considered to violence towards the women. Domestic violence is actually a crime in many developed and international countries. It is an inhuman activity which is not be part of society. Wife batterer tries to change its behavior in such a way that he gives gifts, behaving well and apologize on his rude behavior.

Reasons Behind Wife Stay:

Every relationship is going to strong with the scarifies and compromise of both sides. So a battered wife face many reasons to stay in a relationship with such a rude person like she didn’t feel bad from any abuse, try to change the mentality of batterer, trust on batterer that he never do this again, no one believe that they abuse each other, because of children they don’t want to broke the family, inn his past he bear abusive behavior so she help her in this regard, afraid to leave the family, economically depend on batterer and afraid of welfare of children. But after all, any level of wife has not suffered the behavior of batterer and not all wife want to break their families.


Procedure of Avoiding Violence:

Try to stop people from major abusers at the first stage. Different cultural messages are given to such persons to teach them and give them knowledge about their rude behavior and bad wording. Many researchers has too much work on such activities and programs to solve the psychological issue of such persons.

When batterer know that if he do any wrong thing or use bad language then he have to face some punishment or bear some fine. Proper rules and regulations are made for such type of people so they have some fear regarding their bad behavior and rude and abusive language and in such case proper punishment they have to suffer. It damage their family their children and their image in the society.

The basic reason behind such persons that they have to face very bad and poor atmosphere in their childhood. Their mentality is sick and they always sick thoughts and thinking regarding their future family. When they start their family or get married they again consider the same situation. They do the same behavior with their family, wives and children. He gives them abuse, slap them, hit with legs and broke the bones.

Such persons need proper mental treatment because of sickness in mind. Proper treatment institutions are made for the healthcare of such people. Proper funding provided by government to such institutions for helping the people to live with their families and their wives and children with good behavior.

As we know women bear such battering because of economic problem so proper facilities provided to women and support them economically so their support their family and live their life independently. (COHN, September 15, 2014)

Actually, in our society we have different type of peoples who have different thoughts and thinking. Some people are very loving and polite with their family and they live a very happy and relax life. But some people have mentally disturbed and they have poor and bad mentality in which they have bad language and very cheap behavior. Such people not show their bad habit only close persons know about their cheap habits.so their habits suffer their wives and those who have in a relationship with them. We try to help such type of people and support them to live their lives in a happy and relax manner. And their families has to support them, they behaving well and do such acts which give them happiness and relaxation.

Such family members must be treated very much carefully and as well they should be treated very much softly so that they can improve their bad habits. Such effected persons may suffer very much in their lives. They lose their self-confidence and they may losses their strengths in their daily routine life. Such confident people if not treated softly and carefully then they will be a bad curse for the nation and the people lives in their surroundings. (Battered Woman Syndrome)

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