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Business Ethical Conflict Case Study Example

Individual Assignment

It is a year-old case at my workplace. I am a manager at a news company, and I enjoy my job. As a manager, I have to maintain the ethical company environment and adjust the conflicts to manage the office’s dignity. Sometimes the issues are minor and are solved easily, but sometimes the issues become the grand disputes and the employees are divided into parts to save their rights. This case is a major dispute that was growing for many years and it became quite troublesome last year in which the company was divided into two parts, one part representing the permanent workers and the other part representing the contract workers. Contract workers had the problems that they are treated with a biased attitude in the company as they do not have more opportunities like permanent workers, and they wanted their jobs to be permanent. I knew a few people added fuel to fire in this situation and made the company’s environment worst. I will discuss this situation in my paper.

Business Ethical Conflict Case Study Example

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Principles Approach to Ethics

Egoism – The approach of Egoism deals with only self-interest. Company or management will solely think of its interest rather than for others and will fire every worker who is a barrier in the achievement of the company’s goals. As per Egoism, the striking employees must be replaced by the new employees.

Utilitarianism – The Utilitarian approaches considers everyone in a company. Its focus is on benefiting both the employer and employees. For this, it suggests two-way communication or a dialogue between the management and the employees suffering even though they have called the strike.

Kant – The company and employees must perform their role s and responsibilities vigilantly according to Kant’s ethical theory. The employees must focus on their duties and the company must focus on any problem at its start so that it can be eliminated at the early stages of it.

Rights –The employees on strike thought that they were right at their part because they treated differently in a company as per the principle of rights and the company must compensate them partially.

Justice – According to the theory of justice, all employees in an organization must be treated equally without any favoritism or discrimination and the company must look at the issue and should make a just decision.

Golden Rule – As per the Golden rule, the employer must test himself in the shoes of employees. He should understand the situation of employees by putting himself in the same situation and should decide what is right.

Ethical Test Approach

Test of Common Sense The management should work with common sense and must solve the problem as soon as possible to save the company from any big loss.

Test of One’s best Self – If the company fires the contract workers then its reputation will be affected, and no person will be willing to be appointed as a contract worker in our company.

Test of Making something Public – The company must solve the problem within its limits and should make it a public issue that will destroy the company’s image.

Test of the Big Four – Among the four factors of Big four only the speed was important because a company with divided employees can suffer financially because of poor performance.

Gag Test – The theory in which employees who were suffering were supposed to be treated equally was the theory of justice where the management can make an unbiased decision without any biased order by the superior authorities.


According to me Utilitarianism, the theory of justice and golden are the appropriate solution to this problem. A mixture of two-way communication, equal rights, and thinking of employees’ situations can lead to making a better decision by the company in the favor of all the employees and hence the company can achieve its goals and objectives effectively and efficiently.


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