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Business Ethical Conflict Case Study Example

Individual Assignment

It is a year-old case at my workplace. I am a manager at a news company, and I enjoy my job. As a manager, I have to maintain the ethical company environment and adjust the conflicts to manage the office’s dignity. Sometimes the issues are minor and are solved easily, but sometimes the issues become the grand disputes and the employees are divided into parts to save their rights. This case is a major dispute that was growing for many years and it became quite troublesome last year in which the company was divided into two parts, one part representing the permanent workers and the other part representing the contract workers. Contract workers had the problems that they are treated with a biased attitude in the company as they do not have more opportunities like permanent workers, and they wanted their jobs to be permanent. I knew a few people added fuel to fire in this situation and made the company’s environment worst. I will discuss this situation in my paper.

Business Ethical Conflict Case Study Example

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