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Activia Case Study Analysis


Activia Case Study Analysis

The success of the marketing process is highly influenced by the extent to which a business organization understands the behaviors of consumers. Activia, an organization that deals with yogurt, has used varying strategies to woe consumers in different international markets, depending on the expected behaviors of the consumers. The current paper evaluates the content of Activia’s website with regard to its assumptions about the behaviors of the consumers in different countries and the key target group of the company’s products.



Activia’s main website site has various elements that help to discern the company’s assumptions about the behaviors of targeted consumers. The home page displays a big image of Shakira, a singer who is well known worldwide. Next to her is a message indicating that Activia is working with the World Food Programme, and Shakira to enhance the awareness of individuals about the significance of good nutrition and to donate meals to school children (Activa, 2014). Also, the page displays the video of the song that Shakira composed for the soccer World Cup that was held in Brazil in June and July, 2014 (Activa, 2014). There are also images of people watching soccer and the products sold by the company. The content of the home page indicates that Activia assumes that the consumers of its product value good nutrition attach a higher value to products and services that are endorsed by celebrities with a good reputation, and value activities that enhance health, such as playing soccer. Also, the content indicates that Activia assumes that the consumers of its products value organizations that are involved in constructive social activities within the communities where they operate.

Each of Activa’s local websites for the different countries has unique features. While the site for the US is written in American English, the site for Italy is written in Roman. The site for the US displays only one young lady holding a yogurt, while the site for Italy displays many images that are meant to encourage good nutrition and healthy lifestyle (Activa, 2014). Both the main and the local sites for Activa portray healthy middle-aged persons and middle-aged persons who are engaging in lifestyles that enhance good health. Overall, content of the website indicates that the company targets middle-aged persons between 25 and 55 years. Activa reaches this target effectively through clearly describing the health benefits of its products and through pricing and packaging that appeal to middle aged persons.

One of the key areas that Activa should consider changing is market segmentation. Currently, the company seems to target the middle-aged persons only. Apart from the middle-aged persons, Activa should also portray young people and older persons in advertisements and explain the benefits that its products have on them. The company should also modify its packaging and prices to make them appealing to the younger and elderly persons. On top of targeting the middle-aged, young and elderly persons, Activa should also target low-, middle- and high-income earners. The company can achieve this through product differentiation (Pride & Ferrell, 2010).


Activa assumes that the consumers of its products value good health, like products endorsed by celebrities and value organizations that are socially responsible. The company’s local websites have different features that are made in a way that suits the unique needs of consumers in the different target markets. Activa targets middle aged persons. The company should change its advertisement strategy and focus on more groups. On top of the middle-aged persons, Activa should target additional consumer segments such as young persons, elderly people and low-, middle- and high-income earners.

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