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What is Virtual Law with Example

Second life an Online Virtual World:

Second life is an online virtual world, which is based on a computer-based simulated environment;What is Virtual Law with Example there are many users, who independently explore the activities and can contact or communicate with each other. There is the virtual representation of oneself, the Linden dollar, which can also transferable in the real world currency or money. There are the disputes in the virtual world, based on the property, as Duranske’s book have defined about the virtual evidence that there is the chat between the people, virtual criminal laws, there is gambling, stalking, virtual prostitution and financial fraud etc (Duranske, 2008).

People across the world are taking it personally because there are the disputes in the people, because the Lindens dollars are converted into the U.S dollars, and there are the second life accounts. However, a class lost their virtual property of 57,000 in second life, then the case settled for real money $172,000, according to the American Lawyer. There are many cases due to real ownership of tangible property; the users of the second life gave the copyrights in the virtual land (Vogel, 2013).

There is a number of business, taking place in the virtual world, example, BP, Manpower, IBM etc. Virtual worlds and the video games have affected the people of our society, there is need of the lawsuits, so the people should e protected assessing the virtual property or money, however, real money or real property should not be involved. The governments of the countries, in this case, need to make the laws and regulations for the people, to get safe from the future disputes; however, many of the people are taking the virtual world as a profession. International property principle, if the contracts take place then uniform electronic transactions acts, electronic signature, and uniform computer information transaction act should be followed.

Clauses Would Include in The End-User License Agreement (EULA):

If I a manager at the new software company, there will be many clauses or license agreement included in my software, as it is necessary to get safe from the future disputes. People sometimes take the games or the software personally, so they can be emotional, however, it is important to make the agreement or clauses. However, there are different types of license agreements, in the chapter, but warranty and arbitration can be the specific clauses that a company can follow because there is the terms and condition , in which both the company and the clients save.

The warranty can be the best software in the EULA because it can be contracted, through which there can be claims, a warranty is being used by many companies, including Apple Inc., Adobe, Microsoft etc (Craig, 2012). There are the warranties on the condition, on my software, there will be warranties given, and mention with the capital letters, there will be terms and condition, example, there is no transfer of the legal ownership. Limitation of liability can also be the important agreement as the software owner and vendors can limit the liabilities, limited remedies can be there, the agreement has the protection policies for the customers.

While deciding the license agreement, Arbitration is also proved as the good alternative, the method involves the third party to solve the matters, the decision taken by the third party, lawyers may be involved. However, all the clauses can be used, I may consider all the clauses, for the software of my company. Consequently, the warranty can be the best agreement and safe to use.

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