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Ultra Company Business Motivation Model

Business Motivation Model

Sub Ultra Co. Ltd

Vision And Mission

The company is engaged in the purchase of different products of different brands under one roof. This is a retailer company, which deals in all kinds of products. The company had a vision of selling top brands with highest and best quality to its customers at affordable prices as well. The company had a mission of earning best revenue in the market with having number one ranking of the company in the market of businesses. The company will cop up on this mission with best grades as well.

Goals And Objectives

The goals of the company are to generate maximum revenue on monthly basis by the achievement of the targeted sale of their products to the customers. Goals are the long-term practices and planning in a business on which development and success of the businesses depend. Goals should be target oriented that can be achieved timely and properly with not very much tough challenges as well. Objectives are the backbones of a company, a company’s success based very much on the objectives, which can be achieved timely and successfully. Objectives make workers energetic and more passionate towards their working.

Ultra Company Business Motivation Model


Strategies are the plans used to run the business properly and efficiently with proper step wise process towards success. If a business is ruled without making any specific strategies then that business will not achieve success on time and with proper precision and accuracy. So the right strategies should be made to run a business more successfully and properly in a market.


Tactics are actually the actions performed to implement strategies for businesses. Tactics are the real steps that should be taken properly and precisely to take your business towards success.

Business Policies And Rules

Businesses run on policies made properly according to the market latest trends and demands of the consumers as well. The proper policies should be made to avoid failures in business success. Rules are made to follow. Strictness should be made on the employees of the business to follow the rules, which will be made by the board of directors or owners of the business.

Internal And External Influences

Businesses take very many influences from outside and inside the world in which other companies are competing with one another. Internally business is get influenced by the working atmosphere of company’s employees and their mutual interaction with one another. Externally a business is influenced by the competitive strategies and other attractive offers.


In businesses, Assessments are the tasks assigned to the employees as a challenge to check them whether they are eligible to do the job under tough conditions or not. These assessments are of short period and can give employees the strength and owners the support of their employees at the time of tough business situation.

Potential Rewards And Potential Risks

Risks are the essential part of a company. A company cannot be run without risks. Risks are to be taken of that limit which can be bearable for the company financial budget. There must remain some potential in risk management that they manage the loss to be bear by the company. There should be kept the potential rewards by the company so that it encourages employees and minimizes the amount or fear of risks in a company.

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