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Pros and Cons of Obamacare Outline

Introduction: Obamacare

In this section, I will provide an introductory paragraph relating to the affordable act i.e. Obama Care, which has recent been implemented in the US by the current President Mr. Barack Obama. I will also include information about the policies that are included in the care act and health insurance policies in the US. Additionally, facts based on which the healthcare plan has been initiated in the US will be discussed elaborately. Throughout the paper I will objectively examine various aspects of the health plan. In this regard, I will use information from different peer-reviewed journals, credible websites and books to evaluate the effectiveness of the healthcare plan.

  • Healthcare Services in the US

I will outline important information about the objectives and effectiveness in accordance with which, healthcare plans along with policies are implemented in the nation. Additionally, the performances of the healthcare policies will be discussed in order to obtain information relating to health care and insurance coverage. Accordingly, the reasons for reforms in the healthcare plans will be justified in this particular section.

Pros and Cons of Obamacare Outline

  • Changes that are Implemented in Obamacare

The reasons identified in relation to the healthcare reform will provide important information about the changes made in the Obama Care reform legislation’s. The healthcare plan has been intimated with certain benefits that include rights, benefits along with protections. On the other hand, opposing views will be presented in this section, on the grounds of which, the healthcare plans has been opposed by the opponent political group.

  • Thesis Statement Segregated into Sentences

The thesis statement will provide an overview of the major points in relation to the benefits along with limitations that are associated with the healthcare plan, which will be further discussed in the main content part of the paper. I will also discuss about the future prospect of the healthcare plan that it might continue as more beneficial as an affordable act.

Benefits and Limitations of Obamacare

I will discuss about the different benefits in a comprehensive manner, with the intention of which, the healthcare plan has been initiated in the US. Additionally, in this section, I will include various rights along with protections that are provided to the US people. I will discuss the importance of the plan for the development of healthcare facilities and medical services. The limitation of the healthcare will also be discussed elaborately in this section.

  • Benefits of the Healthcare Plan

Presently, adequate investments are being made in order to ensure that healthcare policies, in accordance with the Obama Care plan, are developed in an effective manner. The healthcare plans are reformed with the aim of providing efficient treatment as well as care services. Obama Care has been initiated in the US with the aim of developing healthcare facilities and medical services, so that the people are offered with low cost and affordable healthcare services. It will also assist the government in improving healthcare insurance coverage to a large number of people.

  • Limitations of the Healthcare Plan

Politicians as well as laypeople have criticized the healthcare plan on the grounds of racial prejudice, additional costs and taxes. The plan is identified to increase government spending owing to the fact that in the US, limited number of people is insured and with an increase in this volume along with government subsidies, the government spending is quite likely to increase manifolds.

  • Obamacare Should be Continued or Withdrawn

The benefits and the limitations of the healthcare plan will be critically analyzed as discussed above. In this respect, analysis of the different aspects of the healthcare plan will assist in having a comprehensive understanding about its intentions along with implications. Consequently, analysis of the healthcare plan will aid in determining whether it should be continued or withdrawn.

Conclusion: Obamacare Should be Continued

In the conclusion, I will discuss the facts that I have stated above in a brief manner in order to lead into the thesis statement. It will signify the benefits along with the limitations of Obama Care from a critical perspective.

  • Review of Relevant Points from the Section II

In this section, I will restate important points in relation to the benefits and the limitations of Obama Care, so that the discussion leads to the thesis statement.

  • Brief Discussion of Opposing Views and My Views

I will present the views that are pointed out by politicians and laypeople against the plans along with policies of Obama Care. Following their views, I will state that Obama Care has been implemented with certain benefits, protections and rights on the basis of which, the healthcare plan should continue in future. I will provide adequate support of my views in order to signify the relevancy of the thesis statement.

  • Thesis Statement

Politicians and laypeople criticized Obama Care for increased tax imposition and racial prejudice. However, the benefits derived from the healthcare plan are of immense importance, which will ascertain that the healthcare plan continues successfully in the near future.


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