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Montreaux Chocolate USA Case Study

Montreaux Chocolate USA

Are Americans Ready For Healthy Dark Chocolate

Discuss The Key Challenges And Marketing Issues Andrea Torres Must Address At This Time. Why Do You Feel These Issues And Challenges Are Key To The Success Of The New Product Line?

There are many issues as well as challenges present in the market about the existing products, which are related to the customer’s satisfaction and want to eat chocolates. The customers are the addict of having chocolate that tastes about their likeness. Mostly women are found of having chocolates ob daily basis after kids. The new product hot chocolate, which is going to introduce by Andrea Torres in the American market is the product, which can be easily adopted and liked by a majority of people by making these issues as challenges. The ingredients and flavors used in the hot chocolate are pure and they do not increase weight as well. the nuts and peanuts present are healthy and delicious as well. Its crunchy nature makes its flavor great and the best among others.

Evaluate The Achievability Of The Company Objectives For Montreaux USA. Identify The Most Salient Aspects Of The Chocolate Confectionery Industry, Globally And Domestically, That Bear On A New Product Introduction.

The availability of the objectives of the company about the introduction of Montreaux USA. The user of a large amount of chocolate made with real cocoa beans makes it more delicious and healthy as well. As chocolate is the most important and essential ingredient or symbol of the confectionery market. Therefore, they focus on it very keenly and precisely. This ingredient must be considered as a silent aspect of the confectionary industry, which is very beneficial for the introduction of a new brand. I concluded this that this aspect should be focused very keenly so that the new product must be very efficient and attractive for the customers.

Montreaux Chocolate USA Case Study

After Analyzing Consumer Attitudes, Usage, Motivations, And Benefits Of Chocolate Products To Consumers, How Viable Are The Recommended New Product Concepts.

After analyzing consumer attitudes, usage, motivations and benefits of chocolate products to consumers, the concepts that were suggested for the new product are accurate and satisfied the needs of the consumers. Most of the researchers suggest that people aged between 45-60 eat more chocolate, especially hot chocolate in this age. The manufacturing of hot chocolate according to their taste and hygienic increase their interest in the hot chocolate and they use to like it and use it more as compared to have ordinary chocolates to eat. These are the essentials of having a good reputation to new products introduced in the markets.

Evaluate The Effectiveness And Efficiency Of The New Product Development Process To This Point. What, If Anything Would You Change? Develop A Comparative Assessment Of The Research Alternatives Under Consideration.

The new product development process in the American chocolate lovers factory has revolutionized the concept of having delicious hot chocolate as compared to other ordinary chocolates. The new product development concept focuses very much on the health and hygienic issue s of the people related to the use of chocolates in their diet. The health is the most important factor to be considered as an interesting as an essential factor to look after it. This strategy to open the number of ingredients and their level of quality increases the interest of people towards the positivity of having dark chocolate with love. People mostly use chocolates as s gift for someone so it could be very special for everyone. Therefore, their strategies to manufacture a new product named hot chocolate by shoeing its ingredients quality is a good new development. In addition, I suggest this process as well. Because it can satisfy a customer about what they are having in their diet. (John A Qulech, 2013)

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