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Local and Global Business Factors

Local And Global Business

There are two type of business running across the world which are Local Business and Global Business. These both are entirely different in nature of their working and as well as different in terms of there budget. Local business is the business which works on local basis means within a city. Local business normally works on a very low budget while they started their business. They initially had 4 to 5 employees in their office which starts the office work. Gradually they started hiring people only at a limit which exceeds to 10 only. Local business offices were also build in small buildings and sometimes in small areas where many people hasitates to go just to pass the time. Global business is the business which works across the world. Global business trades internationally with other international and high budget countries organization to enhance their business more and more. A multinational company is also a term used for big companies who use to trade in more then two countries. These also came in global business because they also trade only with international business. Global business companies use to trade heavy machinery, sometimes useful natural resources and food items which became rare in their country.

Local and Global Business Factors

Performance Review System

A performance review system is the system in any organization which helps higher authorities to take a look on their employees that how they are working. It should be implemented in every organization if an organization wants to improve their quality of work and progress of work. A performance review system keeps the employees active that they are being watched by their higher authorities which will help them to work properly and efficiently. A performance review system creates positive atmosphere in the company and engorges employees to work in positive behavior. The employees will also help other staff of there office in completing any type of complicated work and keeps the atmosphere e friendly and helpful. A performance review system helps the employees to keep an eye on their performance whether they are doing good or what improvements should they do with their performance in the organization. This process may have following steps i,e there should be given a performs to employees for feedback of other employees performances. This review also had a feedback from managers or higher authorities of employees. This should be done only monthly basis so that in can correct his / her mistakes and cover up his/ her problems to improve his / her performance in the office.

Factors That Influence Reputation

A reputation in the organization of business matters a lot to other business working in the same field in business market. A good reputation which get influenced by the following factors that are Reviews, response and presence of you. Your reviews includes the feedback that a consumer or user gives about your company product or your company,s strategy or brand whatever you made or do at your organization. Responses are of two types’ positive response and negative response. It depends on you that how much you response positively to a positive product or brand and how much negative review you give to a negative brand or product related to your field work of another organization.Now a day online marketing enhances your organization’s business very quickly and efficiently as well as fastly in the world with ease and comfort. RISK is the essential and important part in an organization without risk no company could possibly get success in the market. Risks are back bone of a company. Companies take so many risks to get success in the world and across the world. Most of the time risks affect the organizations reputation wrongly. But many of the times this risk leads to the organization to a glory of high success.

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