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Journal 7 Poetry Diction

Journal 7 – Poetry Diction

She gave her life because she is known as women,

She is a wife, she is a mother, and she is survivor,

A woman is a friend of women.

She is invisible in the air; need to wipe away her tears,

She shares happiness and sorrows with women,

A woman is a friend of women.

She struggles in the life, she gives others comfort,

She cleans, she care, she laughs,

She hides her pains but don’t complaint.

She is a tortured, she is abused,

She is strong, she is powerful,

Because a woman is a friend of women.

Journal 7 Poetry Diction

The Bet Theme

The lawyer leaves up early because he was broken mentally, as by his years of captivity he becomes mentally upset and decided to leave the cell. Before the lawyer was leaving the prison, the banker was in great tension, as he knows that he have to give up his everything to him, so he decided to kill the lawyer, but lawyer faced so much stress inside and become mentally ill, he gave up the bet, even the banker had to give him, two million rubles. The young lawyer think that he can survive inside the prison for 15 years but it is difficult to survive there as there is nothing to do, a man can loses his senses inside the prison because when can feel loneliness and miss the relatives.

God Sees The Truth, But Waits Theme

Aksionov’s is a person who did not do the crime but have to stay in the prison, the murderer was Makar Semyonich, who killed the merchant, but Aksionov was blamed for murder and he spends twenty-six years in the prison, but his life was fulfilling and beautiful when he was free. He died in the prison as by asking the police officer; it comes to know that he said the this place is not for him. It was hard for him to spend his life in the prison because it is a lonely place, where no one loves you no one takes care of you, life can be more fulfilling outside. One can become mentally upset in the prison inside and can quit the life.

The Garden Party Theme

Laura mother throw a garden party when she comes to know that her neighbor has dead, all the friends were called at the party, but Laura was feeling uncomfortable because she was feeling guilty of the party, which was there in her house. The mother does not feel anything so she arranges the party, however, Laura when dressed up enjoy the party as she becomes satisfied. However, after the party, Laura gives all the leftovers, to the family of a dead man she was satisfied as she did the good deed. After giving the basket to the neighbors, she feels pleased and satisfied.

Yes, the Sheridans have called off the garden party as suggested by the Laura, people across the world are becoming so mean, and they just think about their selves, they do not care for the others. As in the case of the garden party, the mother of Laura does not think about the neighbor and arranged the party, as she wanted to have fun, people are becoming fun loving and forget everything when they think about the pleasures. However, Laura remembered the family of a dead man and gave them a basket of leftovers.

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