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Internship Report Format

Internship Report Format

Internship Report Format

Report should be composed and written in M.S. OFFICE (Microsoft word, Excel etc)

Report writing instructions:

Page size:                    A4

Font size:                     12

Font name:                  Arial

Font color:                   Black

Line spacing:               1.5

Margins:                         0.75” (Left & Right)

Header & Footer:         0.75”

Gutter:                               0.5”

Footnotes:                        Where ever applicable

Index:                         Must include copy of the original forms used in the organization. (Separate annex should be mentioned)

Bibliography:                Must include books, articles, and persons from where the quotes/data/information is taken.

Glossary:                     Define “JARGONS” used in the report.


Title Page: (Follow the attached Form in Annex 1)

Tentative Table of Contents


Mission statement and/or background of the host organization

  • Organizational Structure (Organizational Chart)
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Competitive Strategy
  • Business process analysis
  • Duties
  • Accomplishments
  • New Knowledge Acquired
  • Problems Encountered
  • How Experience Impacts your Career

Note: This is a broad outline the interns are allowed to include other learning experiences in their report

Internship Weekly Report Format

Note: Weekly reports should be submitted on a specific day of the week. That day will be mutually decided by the faculty advisor and the intern. This weekly report should be composed and written in M.S. OFFICE (Microsoft word, Excel etc) and sent to the faculty advisor by way of an attachment to e-mail. The format of attached document: title should look like this: “WR1Name if student.doc.” The next weekly report should be titled as WR 2, and so on until reach weekly report number 06 and/or 08 for the internship program.


Below is an example of weekly report

Please note the following parts of the report:

  1. a) Personal information-WR1 along with your name, semester, course, name of the organization and the calendar date for the week.
  1. b) Report must include the number of hours, date and the day of the week in bold.

Remember you will have a space in the last part of the form to give your feedback and reactions to the week.

Note: Keep these reports in safe custody and turn in at the end of the semester.


8 hrs May 19 -Monday

I spent today working in the —————–(detail of the activities/working )

Be sure in indent and have the number of hours and the date and day in bold print.

8 hrs May 20 -Tuesday

This should be what you did during the day

8 hrs May 21 -Wednesday

You will be able to give your reactions to what you did in the part below

8 hrs May 22 -Thursday

8 hrs May 23- Friday-


(Intern’s) Reactions and Feedback:


Suggested Outline for Presentation

The presentation should highlight the major sections of your written Department of Management Sciences (DMS) Internship Report. The presentation should be in Multi Media and follow the suggested format below:

  1. Title (1 slide): Your name, the host organization, and your job title.
  2. Introduction (1 slide): Mission statement or background of the host organization.
  3. Objective of Internship (1 slide)
  4. Methods, Skills, and Technology (3 to 4 slides)
  5. Results (3 to 4 slides)
  6. Conclusion (1 to 2 slides)
  7. Graphics (1 to 5 slides): Include photographs of you working in the field, maps, report covers, diagrams, and other photographs as necessary to augment your presentation.

Annex: 1

INSTITUTION LOGO                                     INSTITUTION TITLE

Complete Address of the Institute: —————————————————————

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