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Internship Essay Example

I completed my internship at NYC and gained a lot of experience. The internship was a pathway for the acquiring of a degree in Finance. By completing the degree, there are various skills and competencies that I will acquire and that will be very useful in the future. For instance, my business acumen and skills in finance will come to the limelight. I will have acquired the skill of creating cash management reporting system for the company that I will work for. The added advantage that I will have is that in my internship, I did that task which included coming up with a cash management reporting system for a Northern America Hospitality portfolio. The system was implemented, and it is still in use by the group in all its relevant operations. In future, this will help me a lot in my practice after acquiring a degree in Finance.

After acquiring the degree in finance, I will be fully prepared for a career in the business field, stretching across any sector or industry. Therefore, my options will be varied. My prowess in cash flow management as well as analysis of the companies’ resources will also come in handy when at last I get employed.

Internship Essay Example

Another skill that I will have acquired on the verge of my graduation involves creating a performance analysis for a company’s multifamily portfolio. The portfolio would be useful for presentation to potential investors. This would be important because gaining the trust of an investor is paramount to profit making of a company. Thus, my skills of persistence will be realized by my employer.

Conclusively, I will have learnt and mastered what it takes to be a Finance and business professional with the capability of becoming an efficient worker in the future. In any department that I will work in, I am sure that my work will remarkable and that my leadership skills will be put into use as a result.

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