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I Stand Here Ironing Summary

Poem discuss about the Emily, who is daughter. In the poem there mother was described as the first person and she talk to the teacher that they should take care of her first child. In the poem there is the discussion of fairly long timeframe about the Second World War, which gave the power to women and allow the women to work in the culture, she said that her daughter is in trouble. She is irony because her father left her, when she was only of the eight months and “I” means her mother used to work when she Emily was six years old, thus, the teachers and school in this way, need to take care of Emily because her mother and father left her in small age, mother work and did not take care of her, so she is deeply unhappy and her mother wants the school councilor that they should help Emily. In the end of the poem “let her be” is mentioned, which means that she is in pain from childhood and there are hiding thoughts inside of her with respect to the ironing board and Emily is able to understand that, from the school. Emily had multiple reasons stills she able to show her talent, her mother tell the narrator that Emily childhood was not good, still she is encouraged school and become talented with less money, so parents and teachers need to allow the children so that they could find the ways and chances for the own self (Gale, Cengage Learning, 2016).

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