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Fee Waive off Application Sample for University



Department of Computer Science and Engineering,

International Islamic University, Chittagong.

Subject: Prayer for financial help.

Dear Sir,

I beg most respectfully to state that I am a student of CSE department of your university. This is your kind information and necessity action that my father had died on the 27th of February,2020. After my father death, our family suffering from money crisis and because of the pandemic situation as we know Covid-19 it also affects us financially. Our family business shut down last 5 months. As per university notice, everyone has to pay his/her 1st instalment with in the 28th of July if he or she fails they didn’t get 20% waiver. So my family borrow some money and manage to pay 75%, that is 15000 Tk of my 1st instalment. I have no previous dues. Now 20 August is the last date of 2nd instalment. It’s not possible for me to pay my 2nd instalment on due time. If i fail to pay, i didn’t get the waiver that the university provides us in this situation. I need more financial help 20 percent is not enough for me.

Fee Waive off Application Sample for University

It’s my humble request you to kindly consider my situation mentioned above provide me more extra waiver along with 20 percent waiver so that i can continue my semester and study withut any fail.

Yours faithfully,


ID: C181043



Department: CSE

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