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Energy Management Project Report

Energy Management

General Overview

It is a complete report which includes the mechanical equipment calculation of work and saving and the cost.

Description Of Project

This project is about the Energy Management which includes the energy savings and has to calculate the opportunities of the energy management according to the demand of the company and also have impact on cost.

Energy Management Project Report

Top Three Payback Options With Energy Savings

Payback is 1-3 months with Metering of energy saving

Pack back 1-4 years with Power Management Solution of energy savings.

1-12 pack back period, with lighting of energy savings

Report Content

Facility Description

Energy Management Project Report

Description Of The Facility Audit

Metal containing like nickel, copper, cobalt as well as platinum metals group, the facility generate matte. Two types of matte is generated, one in which quantity of sulphur is high and the other type in which quantity of sulphur is less. At three shafts Ore is mined in the Selebi-Phikwe region as well as at the plant then processed. Include compressed Air and electricity by the mines the utilities is used. Ice is produced by the waste heat boiler. This ice is then used for the cooling of Phikwe. Ore preparation plant is then used to remove the precious metals. Then it is pumped to smelter. For smelter dry feed is utilize as well as for drying Niro spray technology is used. In the air heater to heat air steam is used. To dry this powder this air is used in Niro spray. Bottom of the drying chamber pure powdered is fall as well as for smelting it conveyed to storage silos. Then it is conveyed to the flash smelting furnace. From the settler segments at different levels matte as well as slag is tapped. Then it moved to the converter aisle. For additional removal of sulphur and iron it is upgraded through oxygen. If we want to produce high quality matte then it completed the five cycles of blowing or if produces low quality of matte then completed the three cycles of blowing.

Data Analysis

Total Facility Energy Use Breakdown

Maximum Demand & Uses

Energy Management Project Report

Total Facility Electricity Cost Breakdown

Maximum Demand& Uses

Energy Management Project Report

Breakdown Per Section Of Plant


Energy Management Project Report


Energy Management Project Report


Energy Management Project Report

Hoist & Compressor

Energy Management Project Report

Energy Management Project Report

Energy Saving Opportunities

Description Of Current Situation

The current situation is that the dry boiler operates the whole year energy is consumed. At the smelter two fans with power rating is 75kW is operated. Compressors of 37kW are operated for 8000 hours per year.
The describe problem is that our office is 5 story building also central air condition system is available. But the problem is that it only occupied for office hours as well as there is no night shift and no one work above weekends. Consume of electricity is present in excess amount.
Why The Problem Is Being Experienced:
As discuss in the current situation the boiler is working whole year and the three compressors are operated 8000 hours per annum. The electricity is consumed in large amount. As in offices air-condition are on continuously when on one present in the office.

Problem To Be Solved

If the units of the electricity are consumed day by day, then the expense of the electricity is less then as compare to the current situations. Because we have idea about how much units we used daily.

Energy Saves (KHW)

Energy Management Project Report

Savings Potential, Installation Cost, Straight Payback

Energy Management Project Report

Action Plan

Which Opportunities Would You Like?

The energy management opportunities are there is installing building control system, Lighting management system, corporate utility management program along with the implement demand.

And I would like to choose the installing building control systems, because our project is related to mechanical equipment which save the energy along with its cost. Through this opportunity we save our energy with cost because we have control on installing building.

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