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Companies Research Activities

Almost all companies conceal their research activities, only to be realized later on, that they were doing something outrageous, therefore before I consider investing in any company I would review history as well as their present operations, in order to have complete information concerning not just their ethical standards, but financial and CSR as well. For the information provided, my ethical values would not allow me to invest in accompany that has a history of using animals and vulnerable people in experiments. Vulnerable people too deserve the dignity and respect that all humanity has and animals also have rights and must not be abused, because in case the test fails that animal and vulnerable person is subjected to dire effects of the test and might be paralyzed or die.

Companies Research Activities

The group, which I belong to, cannot even think of investing in such company.  Many of the tests researchers inflict upon animals are painful and lower the animals’ quality of life. Scientists inject animals with irritating chemicals, genetically manipulate them to cause rare and painful genetic diseases, give them cancer and other diseases, and cause other injuries in the name of science. These animals are not given painkillers and are forced to endure prolonged agony before eventually dying or being killed. Sentience and intelligence aside, it is ethically wrong to inflict such pointless suffering upon any living creature.


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