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Application For Teacher Assistance

Dear Sir,

It is stated that I am a student of Class ABC in your university. I am lacking in academic routine due to some hazards that happened in my life from the last few months. The academic cycle was much disturbed due to COVID-19. There were not proper classes. Besides that to get quality education from the online system was quite a tough job for me. Many things remain unclear. The library was also closed in the whole period that’s why I was unable to get notes and collaborate with other resources. My internet connection was not enough reliable. In this period there was a Ramadan and two consecutive EIDS. On these events, I would not be able to concentrate on studies while living at home. There was an Elbow event in this day too whom I was not being able to study with the scheduled timeline. I have been in hospitals in this vacation due to a car accident. Moreover, my home culture was not enough relaxing due to the sudden death of my grandfather. We all family were much disturbed due to that death. My grandmother was also admitted in hospital due to I was unable to concentrate on studies.

Application For Teacher Assistance

These are all of the condition and problem through I was unable to make any further progress in my studies. I tried my level best to collaborate with online classes but due to some personal and family issues, It would not be possible for the whole timeline. I am collaborating with most of my friends too to compete with my deficiencies too. I will try my best to give the best performance in the final terms. I am struggling hard so that all the gap in which I am majorly lacking is covered at the priority.

I need assistance from teachers to overcome with my academic issues. It would be highly beneficial for me.


Yours affectionately,


Date: 09-September-2020

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