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Adam Grant’s TED Talk Analysis

The Power Of Powerless Communication

Adam Grant’s Perspective On How To Be Powerful Through Powerless Communication

Adam Grant is the youngest tenured professor, in the Tedx talk. He talks about the communication style that how communication can make a better man, he made people willing to think on the own style of communication. However, he describes about what works in the communication, he motivated the people through research and through telling them the stories of example from his own life. In my reaction, Adam Grant gave good conceptions that there is the need to do thinking about, how we communicate and how our talk can motivate others. Adam Grant talked about the power of powerless communication, he gave three perspectives that how powerless communication can be focused, the points are strengths that we can gain from the shortcomings because displaying our strengths can reveal our shortcomings, thus, in this way, the trust could be developed with the people to whom we are concerned. The assertive speech is a power talk so it is better to do tentative talk, however, giving the answer when someone asks you questions could also be advantageous. Revealing of shortcomings, meetings and give other the joy of talking can develop leadership skills and can make one powerful through powerless communication as said by Adam Grant (Youtube.com, 2013).

Adam Grant’s TED Talk Analysis

We Present Ourselves Through How We Communicate

By the Tedx talk of Adam Grant, it is known that our personality is reflected other when we talk, there is the need to talk in the effective way when in the group and in people, there is the need to understand people. In the video, there is the learning as narcissist test example was given that there is the need to take a moment when it is needed to think about yourself otherwise like step 2 you are not a narcissist. While talking it is needed to consider that strengths can reveal our shortcomings, assertive speech is a power talk and meetings and give other the joy of talking. Thus, advice seeking can be the powerful way in order to influence others. To do the communication in the effective way there is need to consider the real examples as when one talk tentative then we cannot seems confident to other because there could be a hit to assertiveness, moreover, for the powerful talk there is the need to show others that we are interested in the people as what they says because it will allow them to be comfortable with us as genuine connection can be made with the people and there could be great working.

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