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Workplace Safety Issues Report Memo


To: Students

From: Teacher

Subject: Report On Incident

This report is on the topic of safety issues regarding working in any organization.  Safety of every person is the most essential responsibility of an organization in which employees are working for him or her as jobholders.

Every person should be concerned about his safety and of other person’s safety working with him or her in that organization. The teacher divided them in different groups of 3 students each. Security should be kept as first priority in the report it was advised strictly to them.

Workplace Safety Issues Report Memo

The report should be of two pages. Margins in the report should be one inch. Font should be 11 with Ariel style. Line spacing should be there. Write paragraph in block style. First, every one discusses with each other if they had any real incident in their life.

Any person in-group can write its real life incident in the report. The report should not contain reference from books. The report should be written with full discussion and analysis about the topic.

You should take care of this that your report points are understandable for every person in the group. Your report when you submit it must be in MS Word for mate. You must write precautions in it to avoid accidents on roads or somewhere else.

You can mention safety rules and regulations in the report because it is related to incident report.

I greet all the students with good luck while writing this report.

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