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Work Design of an Organization

Suppose we are going to establish a new unit of organization for the expanding purpose. For this we have to do all the necessary requirements which are important for design the structure and operations of unit. The design is very important as it defines the working from point one to end point and explain the responsibilities and duties of all employees according to their designation and working ability.

First we have to study the organization chart which tell what sort of links are present between departments or units and what role play this new unit in the performance of organization. Set a hierarchy of authority which elaborates the role of all the persons according to their experience and skills. Different structures are prepared for the organization which depends on the management and the senior executives of organization. Downsizing is not necessary in the start of unit. Proper span of control must be arranged which provide full support while doing their work.

Now it depends on the working of unit that how much labour is required for the working and what sort of labour is better for the better performance of unit. One most important thing is that proper observations is required on the working of unit that how much it effect the overall performance of organization and how much this unit give benefit to organization. (Quizlet, 2018)

Many plus and negative points are present in the structure or design of unit which sometimes detect before the implementation and sometimes detect after the implementation. Like the working of unit is not run smoothly because the employees didn’t understand their duties and they couldn’t complete their task according to standard and on given time. Sometimes, if the product bring for the unit from outside, the provider delay on right time delivery. Unit working is not required high qualified and organization appoints persons on high Salary which is an expense for the organization. Proper planning and budgeting must required in preparing and implementing the unit or any sort of function in any organization.

Dynamic work design is very important in every organization as it provide a huge variety and space for the design of organization work. Different rules and principles are used for the Dynamic work design but the most important 4 principles that create methods and tools according to work and situation are:

Manage optimal challenges; it ficus on required target and check how much the target achievement is difficult! So a runner needs to get stronger and improve to face all challenges.

Reconcile activity with intent; organization has to prepare all the basic activities which are helpful in meeting the target and show clear path for achieving the goals.

Structure problem- solving and creativity; the design of work must be clear and give complete understanding related to work or target.  With this new and innovative techniques must be applied in this regard.

Connect the human chain through triggers and checks; with the help of human support check or verify all the problems and see what areas is major creator of problem. Then keep checking that areas for avoid further problems. (Baskin, 2018)

So the unit working is very much depends on smooth design and effective running units as when we implement dynamic work design principles in our design implementation, and then we can easily handle all the related problems belong to working efficiency of unit or overall organization.

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