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Why Good Projects Fail Anyway Article Summary

Why Good Projects Fail Anyway Article Summary By Nadim F. Matta and Ronald N. Ashkenas

After reading the article why project fails anyways, the article has described the failure of the projects and the plans,Why Good Projects Fail Anyway Article Summary sometimes the budgets are reduced, to get safe from the risks, however, due to the unusual budgets the plans can never be successful. Sometimes the project managers failed to understand that where they are lack and what should they needed to do, based on this the risks take place and the project fail. Most of the projects fail when the manager neglects, the two very important risks, which are “White space risk” and the “Integration risk” (Matta & Ashkenas, 2010).

White space risk is the risk, which is not identified, this risk can be the gaps, the managers failed to understand, and not all the activities are considered. However, the integration risk when the activities do not come properly, as expected at the end of the project. The mission of the project team and the managers should be to achieve the goals at the end of the project. In some of the cases, the pilot plans or projects are focused, so the learning could be there. However, the small-scale plans are focused first, so the issues can be identified and problems can be fixed, after that, the full-scale plans are focused or initiatives are taken for them.

In the article, it is focused that initiatives are needed first, for the actual benefits the team needs to plan and test the potentials in the short-term. A leader needs to balance all the activities and need to be careful so the rapid results can be there, however, the leaders need to implement the strategies, beneficial for the overall projects, there is need identify the strategies for the best plans. The companies need to identify the risk and should take steps to reduce them so that the great opportunities for the team members can be there.

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