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Whole Foods Market Entry Strategy into Netherlands


  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
    • 2.1 Evolution of Marketing Mix: 4Ps to 7Ps
    • 2.2 Whole Foods Market, Inc
    • 2.3 Objectives
  • Main Findings
    • 3.2 Marketing Mix of Whole Foods Market, Inc., Global Expansion
      • 3.2.1 Product
      • 3.2.2 Price
      • 3.2.3 Place
      • 3.2.4 Promotion
      • 3.2.5 People
      • 3.2.6 Physical Evidence
      • 3.2.7 Process
  • 3.3 Special Netherlands Culture
  • 3.4 Cultural Forces in Netherlands
  • 3.5 Reviews
  • Conclusion
  • Recommendations
    • Product
    • Differentiation pricing
    • Promotion
    • Place
    • People
    • Physical Evidence
    • Process
  • References

1.   Executive Summary

The entire study is centered towards analyzing marketing mix and global market entry strategy which can be adopted by Whole Foods Market in order to enter into Netherlands. There are cultural aspects associated with a country that needs to be taken into consideration before entering into a specific market segment. Dutch culture is aligned with products offered by the company. In the Dutch consumer market natural and organic food goods have a strong demand. The main focus of the company should be to implement effective promotional strategies and set cheap prices so as to gain maximum market share.

2. Introduction

2.1 Evolution of Marketing Mix: 4Ps to 7Ps

Marketing Mix initially encompasses 4Ps such as product, price, place and promotion. However Bitner and Booms in later stage commented that three additional P’s should be added within overall marketing mix. This suggested mixing of resources such as individuals, physical evidence and processes. 7Ps was basically structured in order to represent the service industry. This is because 4Ps mainly highlight functioning of manufacturing industries.

Whole Foods Market Entry Strategy into Netherlands

2.2 Whole Foods Market, Inc.

Whole Foods Market, Inc. was founded by John Mackey in 1980. The organization has its stores across United States, UK and Canada. It specializes in organic and natural food products. The company has its headquarters in Texas. Four local business people initially proposed the idea of Whole Foods Market when they witnessed a growth in supermarket chain in natural food industry. The firm has been able to expand on its business through series of mergers and acquisitions.

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2.3 Objectives

The purpose of this report, while entering the Netherlands, is to outline marketing mix and market entry strategy for Whole Food Industry, Inc. Cultural dimensions of new market would also be included within the study so as to reflect upon its impact on proposed marketing mix. The entire study shall be centered towards global market strategy of Whole Food Market, Inc.

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