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What is Pretend Company

Pretend Company – Definition

Pretend company can be a fake or false appearance of a company; the company does efforts to make the money and can be illegal sometimes.


There could be many problems or issues if the pretend company makes the website, and tensions can be faced by the illegal or pretended company if the company does not have the copyright or patent, other or real company can sue that company, or government can ask them for heavy fine.Pretend company

Such company may survive in the market, by selling the goods at the cheaper prices but cannot satisfy the customers. However, there could be the website legal issues and there could be a failure in the market because competitors could be against that pretend company (Pietra, McLeay, & Ronen, 2013).


There may be bad name created by the real company or the pretended company on the internet, and the business may be the flop of the pretended company, there may be no profit and customers can complain against that company. If customers are not satisfied then there will no customer support.

The press can release the news against pretend company and the company may have to stop the business, a website can serve as a proof against the pretended company.


The pretended company need to make the website from another name so the customer does not think that you are the pretended company, there are many benefits of creating the website page because many of the customers can access you through the website page. There can be more customers and business value can be there.

The website provides the business goals, 24 hours services can be given to the customers, and from hiding the name many possibilities of success can be there, however, there could be communication with the customers.


Implantation on the goals to make a new website can provide you the benefits in the market, as the effective website can be informative for the customers; maximum customers can be bought or influenced to buy the product, the customers can able to learn about the pretended company (Perilli, 2015).

For the pretended company, website can be an affordable or inexpensive tool, so there is need to do implementation, example, there is need to connect with the customers, so they cannot have and image of the company in their mind, and if they have any questions or queries, then should be answered.


There is the need to determine the requirements of a company so that the business can be promoted as the pretended company, the website or company can create the credibility in the customers. Pretend company should make the website, but need to consider the requirements to be in the market and need to review the issues and know how effectiveness could be there.

The company by changing the name on the website and by talking to the customers can change their mind and can motivate them to buy the products.

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