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What is Love?

What is Love

What is Love?

It is always hard to know when to tell someone ‘I love you’ especially when the lust has not turned into true love. In most cases, one would long for that one single moment that would mark the transition from lust to love. The love I felt for my boyfriend while in high school was real. It is different from the love I feel for university boyfriend. I was a member of the science club while in high school. It was during this time that I met my first boyfriend the first day he joined our club. He was so cute, and this drove my attention towards him. I kept staring at him until I became nervous and lost concentration on what we were doing. I felt vulnerable. I tried to push the thoughts aside and look disinterested but found it difficult. It was hard to explain my feelings. A few weeks later while driving to a tournament, we found ourselves sitting alone in the back seat of our school van. It was cold, and I kept mentioning this to him. He stretched his arm around me. It was so tender that I could not allow him to move away from me. During the trip, we engaged ourselves in long conversations discussing different topics. Fortunately, we found ourselves to be a perfect match, and I took that chance to love him.

Types of Love:

There are various types of love which are compatible or closely related with romantic love. They include the following:

  • Storge

It is also known as familial love. It pertains to the love that is exhibited by parents and the children. This type of love develops as a result of dependency and familiarity. It is born out of personal qualities of an individual.

  • Eros

This is a passionate love. It is also known as sexual love and is closely linked to the modern day romantic love. This type of love is brought about by physical beauty.

  • Agape

This type of love can be exhibited to everyone including strangers, God, and the environment or nature. It is universal love. Agape love is born out of concern for other people’s welfare. It is also related to altruism.

  • Philia

This type of love is brought about because of shared goodwill. The primary determinants of this kind of love are useful, pleasant, rational, virtuous and good. People who are involved in this type of love obtain mutual benefit from the relationship.

  • Ludus

This is a playful love characterized by teasing, overt flirting and conjugating. It is primary objective fun with no strings attached between those who are involved.

  • Pragma

This is a kind of love based on personal qualities and shared goals between the individuals. It is born out of reason and duty. It is aimed at fulfilling the long-term interests of the people involved. This type of love is common among the celebrities and politicians.

Love refers to deep affection or feeling. Those who are in love have genuine intentions and are committed towards one another. On the other hand, lust is the desire for gratification or sexual desire. Lust entails short-term pleasurable enjoyment where the individuals involved are not committed towards the other. Love implies a deeper affection and confidence among the partners while lust is a strong desire or passion for personal fulfillment.

In conclusion, love is a broad topic that has a different meaning to various people. In most cases, people refer to love as deeper affection and intense feeling towards opposite sex. However, there are different types of love that people can show to particular categories of persons.

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