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What is Deviance and its Examples

Definition of Deviance

Deviancy is defined as “violation of social norms”. Violation of norms could be in positive or negativeWhat is Deviance and its Examples behavior. The individual who is breaking the law, rules and regulation of the society is doing deviancy. Deviance is also defined as different or unexpected way of reacting. Mostly when we heard word deviance or deviancy, negative thinking came in our mind like murder, sexual abuse or child labor etc. There is sense of acceptance and rejection of deviance in our society.

Examples of Positive Types of Deviance:
  1. If a little boy in a crowd says, that “King is not wearing the cloth on”, he just says what he saw but people will not admire him. This is the example of positive deviance. To say what you say no matter if it is socially not acceptable.
  2. Teachers could also be wrong sometimes, if they he/she beat a child, then they should be questioned. This is also positive deviance.
  3. If someone safes the life of other person while putting his own self in danger and killing or arresting criminal, this is also positive deviance.
Examples of Negative Types of Deviance:
  1. If someone is doing gambling, drug abuse and prostitution then this is negative type of deviance.
  2. Corporate crime like white-collar crime, braking environmental laws and illegal actions are also negative deviance.
  3. Civil disobedience like breaking the laws is also example of negative deviance.

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